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PANASYS was established in 2003. It is a high-tech enterprise which integrates the research and development of small and middle size TFT module, design and manufacturing. Since PANASYS establishment, all these many years, PANASYS has made full use of Shenzhen SAR's policies, geography and talent person advantages, we have worked hard to learn and absorb advanced international technology and experience. Now it has become a reliable and mature TFT industry.


PANASYS Strength

PANASY has a group of remarkable engineers with a wealth of LCD, LCM expertise and experience, and skilled workers. In the software and hardware aspects, PANASY has unique research and development ability, can quickly respond to customer information and provide industry solutions. We pay great attention to improve the technical content of products, develop new products and optimize the structure of products.


At present, PANASYS is a national high-tech companies, on liquid crystal display module (LCM) capacitive touch screen (CTP), full bonding touch display integrated module (TDM) aspects, for  integration of developing, manufacturing production and also service. PANASYS has solid development strength, advanced production equipment, united and aggressive sales team, committed to providing customers with high quality product.

PANASYS  Product Range

PANASYS product include 1.44 " to 6.4" screen for mobile phone, 3.5-7 inch digital and industrial appliance screen. All this can be customized according to the requirement from customers, we can provide LCD open mould customization, FPC interface customization, backlight structure customization, different IC matching, supporting capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and other support. Some products have the characteristics of IPS full viewing angle perspective, high resolution and high brightness. The products are widely used in digital communications equipment industry, electronic industry, medical equipment industry, electronic industry, intelligent smart home industry, consumer electronics industry, electronic equipment and other industries, covering smart mobile phone, high-end traditional Saipan machine, GPS, POS and other applications, PANASYS win customers in various industries approved stability.

Our Mission is simple

To provide superior, commercially-ready LCM solutions that fullfil our vision of exceeding customers’ expectations through design, manufacturing and world-class customer support of our core technology.