Resistive Touchscreen NMLCD-SMT10414 4 Wires With FPC

Resistive Touchscreen NMLCD-SMT10414 4 Wires With FPC

At present the research and development of PANASYS type resistance touch screen mainly ITO F+G structure, size covers 0.9-22 inch (support custom size). The general purpose four wire, five wire and eight wire resistive screens are mainly used for industrial control devices, commercial POS...


At present the research and development of PANASYS type resistance touch screen mainly ITO F+G structure, size covers 0.9-22 inch (support custom size). The general purpose four wire, five wire and eight wire resistive screens are mainly used for industrial control devices, commercial POS machines, self-service machines, military equipment, security and vehicle GPS applications.

Advantage: Resistance screen

1. Precise touch: fluent writing and no drift, no break

2. Quick response: the response speed is less than 6ms

3. Durable: the strongest adaptability to all kinds of pollution can resist all kinds of impurities

4. Components are sufficient: a variety of electronic circuit components can be provided

The two layer transparent metal layer of the four wire resistance analog technology increases the 5V constant voltage per layer: a vertical direction and a horizontal direction. A total of four cables are needed. Characteristics: high resolution, high speed transmission reaction. Surface hardness treatment, reduce scraping, scraping and anti chemical treatment. With light surface and mist surface treatment. Once corrected, the stability is high, and it is never drifting.

Four wire resistive touch screen, you can use the pen, finger, gloved hand, credit card and other touch medium, can resist liquid, food and all kinds of impurities, has very strong adaptability to all kinds of pollution, with good stability and reliability at the same time, with the characteristics of easy assembly and low cost, is convenient mobile devices, personal assistant, industrial control, medical instruments such as the use of high frequency, the input device ideal application system clear the user

Screen structure: ITO Film and ITO Glass are fitted with DOT points in the middle

Touch media: finger, gloved hand, pen, credit card, etc.

Screen thickness: 1mm-5mm

Screen size: 2 inch -22 inch

Resolution: 4096x4096

Response time: less than 8 milliseconds (finger input)

Touch the intensity: 15-40gr hardness of 600 16mm diameter grease.

Conversion speed: ≤20ms

Screen error: ≤ 1.5%

Supply voltage: DC+5V

Screen resistance: 200 Omega -50 omega (between X1-X2); 200 Omega to 500 omega (between Y1-Y2)

Insulation resistance: greater than 20M Omega in DC25V

Electrostatic protection: 20 emission (per IEC 801-2; 150pF and 150 omega) can be subjected to a random distribution of 15 thousand volt voltages on the surface of the screen.

Transmittance: 75-85% (when the wavelength is 550 nm)

Working temperature: -20℃ -70℃

Storage temperature: -25℃ -80℃

Anti destructive: 3-12mm special process of fully tempered optical glass as the substrate. The use of 1 pounds at 130cm height makes it free to fall to the center of the glass and the glass is not broken.

Sealing characteristics: the high sealing material closely combines the filter, frame and riot proof glass to prevent liquid leakage

Working temperature: -20℃ to 70℃

Storage temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

Working humidity: 90%RH at 40 degrees centigrade (no condensation)

Storage humidity: 90%RH at 40 degrees centigrade (no condensation)

Sealing: conforming to NEMA4 and IP65 standards

High temperature storage: 80 centigrade test for 240 hours

Low temperature storage: -25 c test for 240 hours

Durability: Moh's hardness 3H (according to ATSM D3363 standard)

Service life: single touch more than 5 million times

Product Picture

HX8866 SMT10414副本.jpg

4 wire resistive touch screen for display


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