2017 LCD Panel Growth Slowed, The Production Of OLED May Soar

2017 LCD Panel Growth Slowed, The Production Of OLED May Soar

Mar 15, 2017

In the past 2016 the Chinese LCD panel production capacity constantly expand to ascend, but with the whole display market began to tilt to OLED, the LCD market demand is beginning to slow, with data, in the first quarter of 2016 panel supply by more than 20% of the actual demand, severe oversupply problem of panel.

The upstream panel makers in the second half of 2016, due to inventory pressure and market growth in the future, the began to consciously reduce the production capacity of the LCD panel or even shut down some production, supply and demand in the LCD panel are beginning to balance, according to the authority of the large size LCD panel production in 2017 is expected annual growth rate of only 3.9%, will be the most conservative productivity growth over the years for a year.

This year will be a liquid crystal panel power to redraw a year, although the total amount in the slow, but since 2016, Chinese panel makers are continuing expansion capacity, ranking the world's second shipments more than Taiwan, panel makers to cut the LCD production capacity as South Korea, mainland China LCD panel shipments this year is expected to become the world.

This year will be a inflection point of the OLED market

OLED as powerful display technology in the future is now recognized as the successor of LCD, display performance and physical properties are full beyond LCD, in the layout of the OLED panel makers now, as Apple will carry on a new iPhone OLED screen such large orders, will become the world OLED market growth this year an important turning point.

Korean panel factory in the years before actually began to actively adjust the product line of collocation, keep close LCD panel production line at the same time improve the OLED panel capacity, have to say that this step of the transformation on Korean manufacturers have technical background and really see it in the long run. But believe that with the support of adequate funding and technology, the domestic panel makers on the development of OLED height can quickly follow.

The OLED screen is mainly used in small devices such as mobile phone, then the global OLED screen capacity increasing, believe in preference to domestic vendors will take the lead in OLED screen large quantities of the OLED to the market, but the starting phase of the tight supply situation is inevitable, as the growth of the capacity, believe the future battle of OLED panel will be more intense.