3D Curved Glass Market Will Grow Substantially In 2017

3D Curved Glass Market Will Grow Substantially In 2017

Mar 10, 2017

AMOLED display technology matures, which will provide the best opportunities for 3D glass cover application market. Flexible display with curved glass, will be the highlights of mobile phones, wearable, smart appliances, smart consumer electronics and other 3C products in the future. Since Samsung Galaxy3D mobile phone with curved screen started to sell in the market, 3D surface cover glass market seems to be triggered at any moment, GALAXYS6Edge sales is fierce, sales volume is more than about 20 billion within 10 months , in a strong market response, domestic brands have launched 3D mobile phone in 2016, with cover glass, 3D glass front cover models showed explosive growth to 10 a few. This trend is in progress step by step.


Besides to Samsung, HUAWEI, ViVo, OPPO, millet, Jin and other more and more brand models using 3D glass cover; some researchers believe that the relevant processing equipment manufactured by 3D glass processing and stimulating market demand will be more than one hundred billion yuan scale.

2017 shipments of smart phones, Digitimes is expected: 27.6% will use AMOLED display, close to 30%. And in the next three years, the proportion is expected to rise to 50%.

At the same time, Digitimes reported that Samsung Display Corporation will continue to dominate the global supply of AMOLED panel in 2017, AMOLED screen intelligent mobile phone shipments is 350 million totally, most people use AMOLED screen .

China's local manufacturers, OPPO and vivo's AMOLED smartphone accumulated 20% share. 2016 China's mobile phone market in the sale achieved 1516 models, including models equipped with AMOLED screen has 206 models, accounting for more than 13.6%. Samsung, vivo, Jin, OPPO in the sale of the number of models equipped with AMOLED screen, ranked in the top four, the number of Samsung is up to 48.

At MWC exhibition, showing its Pegasus AMOLED panel of the latest samples, basically including all categories of the AMOLED screen, flexible screens, mobile phone use on the 1080p screen, facing the demand of VR high performance 2K screen, to meet the needs of wearable devices such as a small size circular screen.

The show has also revealed that Pegasus manufacturers got the orders, May will be equipped with 5.5 inches 1080PAMOLED screen Pegasus products, and 2K screen in the second half of the year will be put into production, production capacity can reach 800K monthly to the 900K block.

BOE is a 6 generation of AMOLED flexible production line in Chengdu's AMOLED product line, is expected to achieve mass production in 2019. Shanghai and Hui has also started the sixth generation AMOLED panel production plant, production began in January 2019. Samsung's dominance of the situation will be a comprehensive change in two or three years.

In view of the drawbacks of metal rear cover, easy to scratch, the cost is not low, 3D glass back cover gradually replace the metal back cover, it is worth watching and looking forward to. If iPhone8 uses 3D hyperboloid screen, will further confirm the market trend. The outbreak is sure to come. Brokerage analysts believe that: the next three or four years, smart phone 3D glass cover demand will be more than 1.1 billion films, if the use of double-sided glass design of the, then the demand will reach up to 2.1 billion. Although too optimistic, but on the capital market, and the current technology trends, this huge demand market, mobile phone brands, equipment manufacturers, manufacturers of related materials are very concerned about.

Bourne optics should be the head of the 3D glass cover China market. Bourne wrote, "Yan fourth optical 3D hand curved glass began to develop to production from the Samsung Galaxy, has been working with Bourne optical joint research and development and production, Bourne is still the only Samsung Galaxy3D optical glass suppliers in mainland China, 3D glass application stage of the Samsung Corp's global mobile phone 3D accounted for more than 90% of the total application of curved glass watch".

3D curved glass cover rate is currently only 5% of the entire mobile phone cover market, subject to the production capacity of 3D glass with OLED display. At the same time, the relevant equipment manufacturing yield and process needs to be further improved, the market is expected to have a breakthrough in the production capacity of AMOLED to meet the current market demand and trends. At present, the mobile phone manufacturers using AMOLED display up to 14 brands, and are international and domestic brands. In addition to HUAWEI, Samsung, millet, ZTE, OPPOVIVO, Meizu, doov, Nubian, a plus; with Tianma manufacturers AMOLED screen production, analysis of market penetration forecast of 3D glass in 2018 will reach 40% or will become a reality.