3D Glass Has Became A Hot Topic

3D Glass Has Became A Hot Topic

Mar 28, 2017

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6Edge detonated curved screen in the mobile phone market, which triggered the "Butterfly Effect" in the intelligent mobile phone market is brewing into the storm, nearly billion market demand led to the outbreak of the intelligent mobile phone upstream materials market restructuring and reshuffle.

After 12.8 billion yuan investment project of ACC, BYD 3D mobile phone glass 1 billion 50 million yuan in the construction of 3D mobile phone glass production line, leading enterprises in the domestic glass substrate Dongxu photoelectric also mood.according, announced the acquisition of 1.215 billion yuan to start the layout of 3D Asahi optical rainbow glass.

The day before, Dongxu photoelectric announcement that will be paid through the issuance of shares and 3 billion yuan cash, to buy 100% stake in Shanghai Shenlong bus Hui Mao holdings; total holdings of shares issued by way of purchase Dongxu group, Kefa group and Sichuan Changhong 100% stake in Asahi optical rainbow. Among them, Shenlong bus 100% stake in the trading price of 3 billion yuan, Xu Hong photoelectric 100% equity trading price of 1.215 billion yuan.

Dongxu photoelectric said, in favor of the company's industrial extension and expansion of the transaction, to improve the competitive ability of the company and subsequent development ability, enhance the ability of anti risk capability and sustainable development, and enrich the earnings growth of listed companies, enhance the company's profitability.

Today, the global smart mobile phone market has entered the era of product homogeneity of excess performance, mobile phone design has met the ceiling, in 2017 and 2018 will only change the design space of 3D surface and the change of pixel camera, front camera space and double color, double color rear camera." First Institute president Sun Yanbiao believes that the first half of 2017 price of 2500 yuan or more models, will be sold as a mobile phone 3D surface, a comprehensive attack on the market.

Dongxu photoelectric main business covers glass substrate, sapphire, color filters, polarizers and other optoelectronic display materials, complete sets of equipment and technical services, construction and installation engineering and other services.

The main business of Asahi rainbow optoelectronics ultra-thin electronic glass original film, ITO coated glass, electronic glass processing, flat panel display glass substrate, plasma glass substrate and other services.

It is not difficult to see that the two companies in the business level there are many similar, through the acquisition of Asahi optical rainbow can improve the photoelectric Dongxu photoelectric display industry layout, better synergy, solid glass flat panel display the domestic leading position, enhance the market competitiveness.

Dongxu photoelectric said in the announcement, Xu Hong photoelectric cover glass terminal customers mainly for smart phones, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics manufacturers, has achieved a large number of sales. After several years of development and accumulation, Asahi optical rainbow has certain advantages in the technical level, the ability of research and development, production control, quality management and production scale, the cover glass products have been several well-known domestic terminal manufacturers recognized brand.

The terminal brands are curved glass cover directly the demand side, long-term cooperation with the well-known Asahi optical rainbow terminal brand manufacturers formed, with the increase of 5G signal demand, wireless charging function, curved glass gradually will become a standard mobile phone cover before and after the original film cover glass manufacturers to provide direct molding curved glass that will be carried out for the surface cover glass business provides wide potential customer resources.

According to my understanding, Asahi rainbow company is currently the United States after Corelle, Japan AGC, NEG fourth, the world's only high aluminum cover glass suppliers. The production of panda glass has officially entered Lenovo, cool two important customer terminal procurement pool.

Dongxu photoelectric Asahi Asahi photoelectric another reason lies in the advantages of its glass technology.

At present, there are three kinds of manufacturing processes of the surface cover glass products, such as cold machining NC forming, local hot bending forming and hot bending forming. Hot bend forming process than the other two kinds of manufacturing process, with little limitation, the surface shape is more consistent than the local production of hot bending, fast-paced, easy to form scale production advantages, the Asahi optical rainbow in the glass hot bending process is accomplished.

Dongxu photoelectric said in the announcement, through the research on the hot bending process, Asahi optical rainbow has mastered correspondence between bending process parameters and the properties of the substrate, and use the prototype fabricated surface cover glass samples, and obtained the terminal brand manufacturers recognized.

The two forming surface cover glass is similar to the glass substrate, forming, annealing and other related technologies are closely related with the original glass, in the master production process of glass substrate at the same time, research on the technology of bending forming has more advantages. Therefore, Xu Hong photoelectric based on years of experience in the production of flat glass, glass raw material core physical data has been mastered, if you take the equipment and processing parameters and matching, is expected to achieve rapid surface cover glass production.

From the second half of last year, we are in the study of 3D glass hot bending process, the current theoretical yield of 3D glass production can reach about 90%. A person familiar with Asahi rainbow photoelectric said.