5.8 Inch IPhone Curved Screen Exposed

5.8 Inch IPhone Curved Screen Exposed

Mar 22, 2017


According to foreign media (MacRumors) reported, multiple sources informed, the 5.8 inches iPhone will use the borderless OLED screen, the screen slightly curved around the edge, the surface of a layer of 2.5D glass cover.

Yesterday, a report said the high-end iPhone will be equipped with curved screen, but the degree of curvature of the screen or not as Galaxy S7 Edge so exaggerated. MacRumors iPhone confirmed the design of curved screen is only slightly bent on 2.5D glass edge, and the most basic keep flat screen.

It is reported that slightly curved edges will make iPhone more fashionable, but also that the new design will not provide any important new features. The multi touch area on the edge of the screen may support a richer gesture, such as a horizontal control center.

KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi and China dramexchange (TrendForce) also expected that Apple will in special version of iPhone using 2.5D glass covering the entire front panel. Apple since 2014 iPhone 6 has been used on the flagship model 2.5D screen design.

Guo Mingchi said, limited to the production capacity and anti fall performance, Apple is unlikely to use 3D full surface design this year.


Apple has begun to test the new iPhone prototype, which also includes a curved screen version. The news from the supply chain, Apple used only in front of the screen is most flat, slightly curved edge.

The advantage of borderless design is to make the screen accounting for the maximum, so iPhone 7 the size of the body can also accommodate so big iPhone 7 Plus screen, which will be a single hand mobile phone is easy to use and portability are to improve the level of. In addition, compared to the current iPhone use LCD screen, OLED screen also has its unique advantages.

Analysts, including Guo Mingchi, thought after the expansion of the screen, Apple may cancel the positive entity Home key. 5.8 inch screen is actually used to display the contents of the size of 5.2 inches, the rest of the edge can be used to display the virtual button.