8.7 Inch Flexible Display Can Be Displayed In Three Segments

8.7 Inch Flexible Display Can Be Displayed In Three Segments

Dec 16, 2017

Since then, Japan has been in a relatively leading position in screen technology. At the recent 2014 International Display Industry Innovation Exhibition held in Yokohama, the Japanese technology company has brought us new surprises in the field of screen technology.

A SEL lab called SemiconductorEnergyLaboratory shows a 8.7 inch 1080p resolution SuperAMOLED touchscreen, and the biggest highlight of this screen is folding. The screen can be easily folded into three layers, and the minimum bending radius at the angle of folding can be 4 millimeters.

This screen is still a breakthrough achievement, although it is not just like paper. In addition, the pixel density of this screen is 254ppi. The CAAC crystal structure technology is used to observe the crystalline structure of hexagonal crystal from the c axis. The crystal structure is observed from the perpendicular c axis. The company has also integrated the patterned top emitting organic light emitting diode with the capacitance touch panel for the first time.

In addition, the lab also introduced another small one size bending screen, which is 5.9 inches in size. Unfortunately, a little one doesn't support touch. According to the staff of SEL, these two folding screens can withstand more than 100 thousand times of folding, which is indeed a very commendable achievement relative to a very fragile screen.

Generally speaking, the development and application of the flexible screen is roughly divided into four stages, the first stage is bending deformation; the second stage is to screen and common technical standards and have the same more flexible; the third stage will have better even bending ability can be folded; flexible screen fourth stages will meet our all kinds of needs, can be placed at random and curly, even don't have to worry about damage. If it is distinguished from this stage, the screen should belong to the third phase of the product. Though we can't see the folding screen in the actual production at present, but in the near future, maybe the e-book and the smart phone and tablet computer with folding screen will appear before us.