A Breif History Of Touch Screen Development

A Breif History Of Touch Screen Development

May 15, 2017

In 1965, E.A.Johnson invented the first finger touch screen.

In 1970, G.Samuel Hurst accidently invented the first resistive touch screen.

In 1971, PLATO IV becomes one of the first generation general-purpose computer-aided teaching systems, the first touchscreen for classrooms.

In 1982, the first human control multi-point touch device was developed by university of Toronto.

In 1983, Myron Krueger introduced a video device that tracks the hands, fingers, and the people they belong to. In the same year,HP released one of the first touch computers of HP-150.

1984, Bob Boie from Bob Lab formally researched multi-touch screen.

1993,the first touchscreen phone and Simon's personal address book was launched by IBM and BellSouth. Apple has also launched a touch-Newton handheld PC.

In 1998, Palm launched its own first generation of handheld computers.

In 1999, Wayne Westerman and John Elias researched multi-point input device.

In 2001, Alias/Wavefront launched a gesture-based Protfolio for large design team.

In 2002, the DSI Datotech announced the HandGear, a multi-touch board, never really realized. Sony's SmartSkin lead into mutual capacitive touch recognition.

In 2004, Andrew D.Wilson researched TouchLight, which is a touch screen used for gesture, have 3D effect.

In 2006, Jeff Han lead into a touch-driven computer screen at TED.

In 2007, Apple released iPhone.

In 2011, Microsoft and Samsung collaborate with PixelSense technology to launch SUR touch surface.

In 2012, Microsolf reshape its surface technology according to PixelSense.