A Fashion Show In Amsterdam Uses A Holographic Projection Technology

A Fashion Show In Amsterdam Uses A Holographic Projection Technology

Feb 26, 2017


The visual creative combination of P? Amber Jae Slooten nar&Viola together to create a holographic fashion show at Amsterdam Fashion Design Institute president Peter Lefenrink's invitation, visual creative combination of P? Nar&Viola Amber Jae Slooten teamed up with fashion designer, Kim Vos, and the show guide at 3D in the technical field of artist 3D artist Roxanne Gatt, Nelle Swan et al to model the creation and in the recently held Amsterdam Fashion Week show a holographic imaging technology composed of the fashion show.


Use the show's holographic projection technology based on popular nineteenth Century Perle Pei illusion (Pepper s Ghost) based Amber Jae Slooten, from the fashion design in the early completion of the computer 3D modeling; Pinar&Viola and Kim show Vos designed model Nelle Swan acting action, and has carried on the motion capture; 3D artist Roxanne Gatt is responsible for the entire show animation effects. Before the show started, Nelle Swan wearing a nude Leotard, standing on a 45 degree angle of the transparent screen rear, and she shows him new clothes, all by the holographic projection technology "made", and those flying in the air, "the headless clothes do a variety of performances, it is from before the capture Nelle Swan real action




This is a bit like Lady Gaga at the beginning of the year to Intel tribute drama on David Bowie in Grammy, through which RealSense real sense technology and face 3D projection technology, Lady Gaga has completed a series of stunning performances in the opening show variable makeup. P? The show Amber Jae Slooten nar&Viola together although not the parade is strong, but the effect is exactly the same. In addition, because the technology is still unable to do so and is the projection of the movements and expressions of seamless real-time adjustment, so it is Lady Gaga tribute or Amsterdam fashion week on the holographic projection show, viewers can see the obvious dislocation phenomenon -- of course, the latter is more embarrassing: the dislocation model of Nelle Swan neck often submerged in the "clothes", or half of the body shows out.



As for the clothes appeared in the comic style's eyes and mouth, is used to interpret the concept of "animism", Pinar&Viola said: "we believe that the reason why people in the wrong way to treat clothes is that we do not feel our life with these items and any association. This is also the original intention of creating such a fashion show, the soul of the clothes to be presented in a visual way, so that the world should be treated like a friend as their clothes. In addition, the virtual fashion show can inspire others to save resources, time, space, and protect the ecosystem. With this show, we want to convey a message that this technology plays an important role in the fashion industry and the future of the planet." At this point, Pinar&Viola has for IKEA home, fashion brand Koche, Bloomberg business week and so the design of limited series, illustrations, etc., and for the Dazed website regularly write about art, design column.

Costume designer Slooten said: "I don't want to do in real life fashion, those clothes in the closet can become old, perhaps some will be used for the magazine, but this is the only. Today, we all have a virtual identity, but it is hidden behind the screen. So why not let everyone see? I am a fashion designer, I am interested in the human body, and the way we dress. So it's not a problem for me, whether it's virtual fabric, flame, hair, or other virtual entities. There are so many materials in the virtual world, which may be difficult to use in real life, but they will be the target of the fashion world".



This is full of the experimental nature of the fashion show although the spirit is commendable, but the actual effect is to have its creators say far? From Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen 2006 ghosts projection show autumn ladies is famous for its holographic projection technology Musion Burberry to create a holographic projection fashion show, want to use VR virtual technology to create the future of retail environment, many brands and enterprises, up to now the holographic projection technology fashion show, relying on these dazzling technology claims to change the fashion industry it is not the heroic utterance a day for two days, but throughout the entire development, it seems the entertainment experience is far better than the reform is essential. After all, the vast majority of the reasons for selling at any price, and ultimately to customers, are still in fashion itself.


From the production, production point of view, the holographic projection technology may be helpful to the design of the preliminary link, but taking into account the real-time rendering of 3D problems and costs, I am afraid it is difficult to play a practical role. In addition, the importance of fabric for fashion design, production is self-evident, but it is difficult to completely replace the virtual image. From this perspective, P? Amber Jae Slooten nar&Viola together the holographic projection show, can only be said to be in fashion again on use of technology -- or better still, try again.