A Full Screen Will Be A New Choice For The Next Generation Of Smart Machines

A Full Screen Will Be A New Choice For The Next Generation Of Smart Machines

May 11, 2017

The development of the smart machine has experienced a large number of appearance, from the early "mobile", to the current market on the most popular smartphone, summed up the biggest feature is the screen is growing. We compare the first Android handset of some brand vendors to see such a feature clearly that early smartphones are mostly 4 inches below, and the mainstream resolution is 320x480.

With the development of the intelligent machine, the appearance of mobile phone changes are becoming more and more large, first faded the entire keyboard of the last generation of the largest mobile phone features, and then continuously expand the screen area and proportion. Samsung's first Android handset, for example, is Samsung I7500, with a screen size of only 3. 2 inches, and the latest Samsung Galaxy S8+ has reached 6.2 inches. The screen is almost doubled above.

So where will the direction of the next-generation smartphone go? Now it seems to be a general trend of full screens. A full screen, as the name implies, is the front of the handset is equipped with a whole screen, with a higher screen account ratio.MIX, the concept of the launch of the machine will be a full screen to pull this concept into the consumer's perspective, it is equivalent to the limit of four narrow border design of the phone, and use of ceramic materials as the rear cover. The birth of Millet MIX was mad purchased, the price once fired up to more than 10,000RMB.

So why the full screen will get so much attention, probably the advantages of the following points: First, this design saves the volume of mobile phones, in the possession of greater visual enjoyment while still maintaining the original size, avoid the size of too large to cause discomfort, and secondly, improve the visual effect, greatly enhance the game, video, entertainment projects to bring people enjoyment; Finally, the appearance of Oneness will bring a different aesthetic.

A full screen of many advantages attracted the attention of many vendors, at present Samsung, Sharp, LG, Lenovo, Millet and other manufacturers have pioneered the introduction of a comprehensive screen phone, the market response is more good.

Although the full screen has gradually become the industry's default next trend, but still some technical difficulties should be overcomed:

 1. Main screen design. Because of the increase in screen account ratio, so the handset, camera and fingerprint location must be redesigned, these design changes will         inevitably lead to the internal structure of the mobile phone redesign, so how to arrange the drive IC and COF/COP design, how to match become a manufacturer of a difficult point;

2. The processing of the cover plate. The adoption of a full screen will inevitably lead to the precision of the glass cover plate, the traditional mechanical pulley cutting may be abandoned;

3. The selection of display screen. 3d glass and comprehensive screen this concept of natural combination of advantages will greatly enhance the AMOLED for the handset market share, so more comprehensive screen manufacturers choose what? Is it LTPS TFT-LCD or AMOLED?

4. Determination of the appearance ratio. At present, the overall appearance of the scale of the screen is not a standard, then the specific 18:9, or 18. 5:9 will eventually be decided by the consumer or manufacturer;Of course, whether the full screen will be popularized in the future will ultimately be decided by our consumers, but its current characteristics have gradually been accepted by consumers, perhaps it is really the next generation of the final choice of smart machines.