Apple And Samsung Will Focus Attention On The Mobile Phone Screen

Apple And Samsung Will Focus Attention On The Mobile Phone Screen

Mar 01, 2017

According to Forbes website reported that with the help of a new generation of Galaxy S8 display, Samsung will rank before Apple in the field of smart phones.

What does this mean for consumers? By reducing the border, Samsung can increase the size of the S8 screen, but to maintain the overall size of the device is basically unchanged. S8 is able to take this design, because it will use a new generation of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display, as well as virtual rather than physical buttons.

Many media have reported that Galaxy S8 will have two models, respectively, configuration 5.8 and 6.2 inches screen, but the overall size of the phone is not expected to increase. Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected will be announced at the end of March.

This is usually referred to as screen frame design, the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers in the new nirvana. It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge configuration flexible surface OLED screen, increase the display area, and did not result in increased phone size.

Samsung Display recently released a video showing the direction of the development of samsung. Although this video does not accurately show Galaxy S8 design, but reveals the goal of samsung.

Forbes showed, another noteworthy phenomenon is that Samsung will make the surface of the OLED screen has become the standard S8 - S7 Edge and Note 7 configuration while the curved screen, more mainstream S7 but did not configure the curved screen. A source said, S8 will make the surface screen becomes a more obvious trend, curved screen will become the norm rather than the exception.

Can IPhone 8/X exceed Samsung?

According to market research firm Gartner said that in the fourth quarter of last year, Apple's smartphone sales over samsung. The trend is likely to continue: according to Apple's rising share price judgment, Wall Street seems quite optimistic about iPhone 8/X.

Not surprisingly, iPhone 8/X design will largely depend on Apple's ability to complete the first OLED screen phone. An analyst report released last week, OLED screen version of the iPhone 8 will configure a 5.8 inches display, the available screen size of 5.15 inches. The report also reiterated that many rumors claimed that the iPhone 8 screen will occupy the front of the phone, but the report also pointed out that a considerable portion of the display area will be used to display the virtual button".

The same study reported that the overall size of iPhone 8 will be equivalent to 4.7 inches iPhone 7. MacRumors published an article saying that this is entirely possible, because there is no other side of the cell phone in addition to the display screen, which means that the display uses a true borderless design.

Forbes said, in addition, the same is not surprising, rumors that Apple plans to launch a configuration of the OLED screen mobile phone, so that the iPhone 8 display with a larger display area.

Display technology expert Raymond Soneira (Raymond Soneira) recently said to me, "the use of flexible OLED thin and non LCD display, geometric structure and size will make apple can modify the OLED version of the screen iPhone quite easily, including more than one kind of shape and size. For example, configuration OLED display iPhone 8 screen size is equivalent with iPhone 7, which can make the standard and Plus mobile phone models reduced the height of 1.4 inches, 0.35 inches width decrease, because the OLED display can be used without the frame design, no need to like the current LCD models on the display screen kept around the outer edge."

The downside is that Apple almost no choice, only to buy Samsung Display iPhone 8 OLED display, as of 2017 only Samsung Display has tens of millions of pieces of high quality supply ability of OLED display intelligent mobile phone. Soneira said, Apple's secret to win, will be the full use of software and firmware, the ability to explore the OLED display."