BOE Shipments Ranked In The First Place On Large Size Panel In The Q4 Of 2016

BOE Shipments Ranked In The First Place On Large Size Panel In The Q4 Of 2016

Mar 01, 2017

According to IDC (international data) Worldwide Large Sized LCD Panel Qview research report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2016 the display application into the end of season stocking, global large size LCD panel shipments declined 3.7% compared with the previous quarter reached 204 million, compared to the same period in 2015 declined 6.1%.

DC global hardware assembly research team market analyst , Chen Jianzhu, said compared to the third quarter of 2016, in addition to the portable computer panel contrarian growth of 5.1%, the remaining display panel shipments are facing recession. The flat panel is limited to the terminal market performance, downstream manufacturers to keep stocking, this season shipments decline compared to the previous quarter of 5.5%, the largest decline panel display applications, expected 2017 flat panel shipments will be a tablet computer products life cycle long and sustained recession pull effect.

The IT panel, benefited from the IT brand factory in the fourth quarter is still actively stocking portable computer panel, portable computer panel in the fourth quarter shipments reached 48 million, the highest since the first quarter of 2013 the highest single season record.Display screen panel after two quarters of the growth trend, the fourth quarter shipments facing the brand factory inventory control and decline of up to 36 million pieces of 3.4%. Limited by the impact of the terminal market, estimated the portable computer panel and display screen panel shipments in 2017 will also be faced with a declining trend, the panel plant will attack the high-end IT LCD panel market, introduce more high resolution, narrow border and no border, high speed screen refresh rate (HighFrameRate) of the IT liquid crystal display panel, in order to maintain a certain profitability.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 TV panel shipments compared to the first quarter decline of 4.5%, TV panel shipments in the area not only did not decline, but contrarian growth of 0.37%, TV panel panel plant more obvious planning to promote size. The 8.5 generation of the new production line has been opened in 2017, coupled with the existing production line of more than 8.5 generations of continuous expansion of production capacity, estimated TV panel shipments will grow slightly by the end of the year, shipments are expected to continue to grow more than 5%.

LCD panel industry competition situation, the fourth quarter of 2016, global large size LCD industry concentration higher, mainly by the BOE, LG, Samsung, AUO, Innolux display shows five major manufacturers occupy more than 80% of the shipments. Among them, the Samsung display operation strategy transformation, the closure of two and a five generation seven generation LCD production line, BOE 8.5 generation through its own abundant capacity to meet the low-end LCD panel to demand the BOE large size LCD panel shipments increased dramatically, and became the first rank.

In the first half of 2017 the global large size LCD industry, although Samsung display off factory, TV panel supply change and the relationship between the first quarter impact factors of working days less large size LCD panel supply, however, LCD panel prices have been roughly flat in the second half of the 2016 rise to the present stage, in the second quarter bullish factors reduce the 8.5 generation line capacity continues to increase, coupled with the decline in demand, the pressure of pile up in excess of requirement may happen again.