BOE Showed Various Flexible AMOLED Display

BOE Showed Various Flexible AMOLED Display

May 24, 2017

In May 23th, the 2017SID display conference was held in Losangeles, BOE showed various flexible AMOLED display, and catched a number of people's eyes.

OLED display has experienced a rapid development of 30 years since the first OLED paper was published in 1987. According to IHS Markit Data, the 2020 Global Smart wear equipment panel is expected to grow to 1. 600 million tablets, which use AMOLED technology panel accounted for 30%, and maintained 18. 2% Annual compound growth rate. In this year's U.S. show week (SID Display week 2017), BOE has brought in a variety of world-starting OLED products for visitors. 

Flexible AMOLED gradually become the mainstream of OLED display development, industry Analysis 2017 and 2018 will be the fastest growth of flexible amoled two years. On the 11th of this month, BoE (BoE) Chengdu 6th generation flexible Amoeld production line light production, at this exhibition, BoE (Beijing Oriental) also exhibited a variety of production line in the output of the flexible AMOLED display.

5.5 inch WQHD flexible OLED display, the pixel density of the industry's leading 538PPI, can realize the "S" shape bending, and integration of multi point pressure touch technology, can support up to 10 pressure touch, meet the demand of the intelligent terminal change rapidly. Another 7.56 inches QHD flexible AMOLED display, can realize the radius of 5mm fold folding, mobile phone and tablet computer will be made one, greatly enhance the practicability and portability of the products, to bring users a better user experience.

The world's first 1.53 inch embedded touch OLED display on the OLED screen breakthrough realizes the embedded touch control structure, enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of the touch products (signal noise ratio, SNR), the more sensitive touch, smooth. In addition, there are 5.5 inches FHD full screen OLED display, using the BOE (BOE) unique borderless technology. More than 95% of the screen, and the camera and receiver are integrated on the top of the screen design, to achieve the effect of close to zero border.

Wearable devices are also an important application area of flexible AMOLED display. BOE on display 4.35 inches flexible wristband display products, the market is 3 times the size of ordinary wristband, bending radius of 10mm. The whole screen is elongated and can be used as a mobile phone under the flattening state, and can be used as a wristband on the wrist under the bending state. The product can be applied to wearable mobile phones, wearable bracelets and other flexible display has a high demand products.

Visitors have stopped to experience the BOE debut VR (virtual reality) display products. People in the experience of the market most of the VR products, due to the screen and content of the lack of resolution, slow response speed, will not only directly see the pixel screen, like across the screen to see things blurred, because the picture will lead to delay dizzy. This "screen screen effect" and "motion sickness" is the crux of VR developers, but also VR experience pain point. The exhibition, BOE (BOE) on display 2.1 inches Retina VR display, 3.5 inches 4K * 4K VR display (1800PPI), 5.7 inches UHD, head worn VR products and other variety of VR display products. Among them, the world's first 2.1 inches Retina VR display, up to 2300 PPI ultra high pixel density created a new high in the industry, greatly eliminating window screen effect, so that the screen is more delicate and smooth.

In addition, BOE also brought active electroluminescent quantum dots (AMQLED) display, touch display and other cutting-edge display technology and products, and display multiple applications of intelligent control BOE iGallery system, the digital art gallery, art in the field of vehicle etc..

"Display the demand expansion of terminal products, OLED, flexible display, quantum dots and other new display technology innovation, so that the global display industry market space is undergoing profound changes," "BoE will continue to promote and lead the innovation and development of semiconductor display technology, collaborate with industry chain partners to provide customers and consumers with quality, intelligent products and services," said Zhang Yu, senior vice president of BoE (BoE). ”