BOE Will Attend The New Display Technology Exhibition With Flexible Folding Screen

BOE Will Attend The New Display Technology Exhibition With Flexible Folding Screen

Mar 16, 2017

Since the iPhone monoblock design occupied the whole market, the appearance of mobile devices has little change. Folding screen was born, however, will revolutionize people perception of mobile terminal shape.


In April 25th, the 2017 Shanghai international new display technology exhibition will be a grand opening in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, BOE with flexible display products, the world's thinnest 8K Ultra HD display products, VR products, BOE iGallery family Cloud Art Museum and a number of innovative products exhibition debut. Among them, 7.8 inch flexible folding screen is one of the highlights of its many flexible display products, equipped with LTPS AMOLED technology, the color gamut is above 90%, the thickness of only 0.24mm, the bending radius is only 5mm, when unfolded can be used as a tablet computer, portable and can be folded into a small mobile phone, can adapt to a variety of product forms. It is reported that, BOE Chengdu sixth generation flexible AMOELD production line will be put into operation this year, the construction of the sixth generation of flexible AMOELD production line in Mianyang is expected to be mass production in 2019. As a global leader in the display industry, such as BOE speed is how to run out?


Let us look at a set of data: 2016, BOE added a total of 7570 patent applications, can use the accumulated patent number more than 50 thousand, ranked the forefront of the industry; in the newly released business patent data, BOE as Chinese, only two companies on the list included in the 2016 annual U.S. patents TOP, 50, and 200% of the annual growth rate of 50 in the company became TOP patents the highest growth rate of enterprises; leading indicator of global innovation activities -- "2016 global innovation Thomson Reuters report" shows, BOE has been among the world's second largest semiconductor industry innovation company.

BOE (BOE) always adhere to and promote “ the depth of cooperation, collaborative development, create value " industrial symbiosis concept, leading the integration and development of semiconductor display industry, drive around the industrial chain of the enterprise collaborative innovation panel.