Car Panel Market Pattern Has Changed

Car Panel Market Pattern Has Changed

May 16, 2017

the global car panels shipped annually climbing, size amplification, the value of the year is growing, estimated 2017 car panel output will reach 11.6 billion dollars. The car panel will be the largest application in the next 3 years, and it is estimated that the output value of 2020 years will reach $21 billion.

In the past, the car panel is Japanese panel factory of the world, but the Taiwan panel factory in recent years rushing into the vehicle panel market now, Innolux, AUO, CPT Taiwan panel factory took half of the country.

IHS Markit Statistics pointed out that the top five car panel factory is JDI, Innolux, Sharp, AUO and LGD, last year's total of five manufacturers accounted for up to 65%. As it, consumer electronics market growth slows, more and more new people to enter the car panel market, the area is expected to become increasingly fierce.

IHS pointed out that further subdivision of the different car panels, in which the central console (center stack display) as well as the dashboard (Instrument Cluster display) production value of the highest, the control panel of the annual output value of about 6.1 billion dollars, and dashboard output is about 4.8 billion US dollars.

Car panel applications have been increasing, like the head display, rear-mirror, etc., notably, the head display (Head-Up Display;HUD) at the current annual output value of about 7. USD 3.1 billion, the next few years will be the fastest growing application, estimated to 2022 years of total console, dashboard, head display 3 large application panel output value will reach 20.8 billion dollars. That is, the next 5 years will increase by $9.2 billion.

Car panel is a small number of monitors to maintain the growth of the application market, IHS pointed out that the main reasons for the growth of two, the first is more and more vehicles in the use of display panels, such as the central console, head display, dashboard use panels are increasingly common.

Second, the display panel is increasing size, shipment size from the past 7 inches, 8 inches to 10 inches above, and more and more of the console panel with the touch panel, so that the unit price increase.

From the technical point of view, TFT LCD panel is the current vehicle panel mainstream technology, occupy 67% of the market, last year LCD car panel shipments about 1. 3.5 billion tablets, estimated 2020 shipments will reach 200 million tablets.