Cell Phone Second Variable Tablet Computer

Cell Phone Second Variable Tablet Computer

Jan 22, 2018

  The day before, LG to the World Intellectual Property Organization filed patent exposure, the patent that LG company is building a foldable mobile phone or a tablet computer with folding. The device is described as a "mobile phone with foldable flexible display".


This time the two version of the patent map was exposed, one version was a foldable cell phone with a camera module on the back board. When folding, the device can display the time information on the front screen.

The second design is similar. In addition to the handset folding, the back cover is pushed aside and the transparent part is displayed in front of the right. The side sidebar part can be used to display time and notification. There is a camera module behind the device.

LG first applied for a patent in July 2017, and WIPO issued a registration message last week, which is expected to be released in January 12, 2018.

The folding phone is also a hot concept, and Samsung and Microsoft have also been exposed to a folding handset. In addition, ZTE has released a folding double screen Axon M mobile phone will continue to introduce more folding type.