Chen Yanshun Of BOE CEO: OLED Will Present Three Major Trends

Chen Yanshun Of BOE CEO: OLED Will Present Three Major Trends

Apr 12, 2017

April 9, by the Ministry of Industry and Informatization, the Shenzhen Municipal People's government co-sponsored the "New generation of Information Technology Industry Development Summit Forum" held in Shenzhen CITE2017. In the Forum, Beijing Oriental CEO Chen Yanshun published a "New display technology trends" keynote speech.

Chen Yanshun pointed out that when we are still intoxicated with the LCD production capacity of continuous upgrading, OLED quietly rise, especially small and medium-sized OLED panels has become an unstoppable force. The future global mobile phone panel technology is not LCD, but OLED, and OLED will squeeze liquid crystal market share, the market is very large, mainland China enterprises have a great opportunity.

Today, China, Japan and South Korea are betting on the OLED, South Korea regardless of large size or small and medium size has a certain leading edge, while Japan is catching up, Chinese companies also made a lot of investment last year, the next two or three years small size OLED panels market will flourish. Chen Yanshun believes that OLED will present three major trends.

First, technically, in the mobile phone field, OLED why would replace LCD? Mainly in the OLED with high-color gamut, high-endurance, high contrast, light and so on, in line with mobile phone light, the development trend of electricity.

Second, from the product form, if a technology can not fundamentally change the shape and use of a product, then this technology will not swim too much vitality. The more important advantage of OLED is its flexibility, which will make mobile phone shape changes. This year's comprehensive screen handset is popular, next year flexible mobile phone will also launch, then, mobile phone form will have a big innovation, then, the price is not the size of the product, but follow the change of shape.

Third, from the technical maturity and the promotion of good quality, if the yield of good quality is continuously upgraded, OLED panels will be expanded from the original mobile phone, wearable products to the vehicle field. and future mobile phone will use OLED products, Chen Yanshun said, it is not clear, but with the printing technology matures and the promotion of good quality, OLED will be the direction of large size development.