Nov 20, 2017

  On November 2017 16-21, China international high tech fair is known as "the first China Technology Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as: Fair) will be held in Shenzhen.


   Smart city is a new urbanization and high degree of integration of information technology of the city form, basic platform which affect the development of the information technology industry, now is the cloud + big data and artificial intelligence, the future is "Internet + edge computing", the two basic platform of efforts to promote the construction of smart city. ISoftStone is based on cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technology, research and development of large data industry analysis, smart government, smart tourism, precise poverty and Huimin services and many other applications and solutions based on the Internet of things; and the edge based computing technology, also developed such as safety, environmental protection, wisdom wisdom wisdom, the wisdom of the community street lights and other innovative applications and solutions. At present, these applications and solutions have been widely used and promoted in the smart city and other areas, and continue to bring profound economic and social benefits for the city.


   At the same time, the traditional equipment manufacturers are trying to explore and strive to achieve more business models, from purely hardware manufacturers to change hardware + software + service provider. Software is becoming more and more important, software IP protection, security and flexible authorization are becoming more and more important. ,

   While the international well-known brand SafeNet Shengtiannuo dog from 07 years at the same time support encryption, three modes of hardware dog, soft lock, a trial. The security is high, the encryption method is simple, and the authorization is also flexible. Using ASE128 bit encryption algorithm, using shell and API combination, can achieve decompile, reverse debugging, disrupt the program. These are things API can't do. Shengtiannuo dog authorized to control the time, the number of users, etc.. Similar to the general artificial intelligence equipment sales price is also more expensive, the user will not clear the payment, the end of the money is more trouble, always used to drag money. And the use of Shengtiannuo dongle authorization can solve this problem, not only rely on time to lock the computer time lock with physical time, normal use of more than 10 years. Helping software vendors gain greater benefits!