Chinese Manufacturers Want To Shorten The OLED Technology Gap Between China And South Korea And Will Cooperate With JDI

Chinese Manufacturers Want To Shorten The OLED Technology Gap Between China And South Korea And Will Cooperate With JDI

Jan 04, 2018

There are reports that business is troubled Japanese display company (JDI), and the three is Chinese BOE panel production enterprises Huaxing Power, shentianma consultation by three after a total investment of $1 billion 800 million to ease the financial plight of it, which will help achieve OLED panel production technology leading to the Samsung in China panel production enterprises industry.

According to market research firm Wits View data, 2016 Chinese, has become the world's second largest panel production, the market share of global top three panel production are South Korea, Taiwan, Chinese, Chinese, China, has begun construction of the world's most advanced 10.5/11 generation LCD panel production line in technology.

However, in panel technology, China, has lagged behind South Korea and Japan, Samsung and LG are the world's largest OLED small and medium size and large size OLED panel manufacturers, Japan's JDI has OLED panel production technology is more advanced, Chinese, shentianma, BOE respectively in June last year, the end of October put into production OLED panel and Chinese, another large panel Huaxing Power production enterprises to the second quarter of 2019 to launch the OLED panel, the urgent need to achieve Chinese catch up from behind in OLED panel technology, JDI just have this technology.

Japan has been holding the leading position in the global LCD panel earlier and earlier in 1990s, was called "the father of SHARP LCD panel", in addition to SONY, Toshiba, Hitachi and other enterprises in the production of LCD panels, but after 1998 Samsung overtook Japan enterprises to become the world's largest LCD panel manufacturers, LCD panel manufacturers in Japan gradually go downhill.

Later the struggling SONY, Toshiba, Hitachi three companies will be small and medium size LCD panel business restructuring and their Japanese officials and the public fund industry innovation Agency (INCJ) established a joint venture business has JDI, JDI and SHARP have small size LCD panel suppliers, the world's largest second, but now the small and medium size panel of the world's largest supplier of Samsung, Samsung mainly rely on the advantages of the AMOLED panel made it occupy the first small size panel supplier status, and second small and medium size panel suppliers, the first large LCD panel suppliers for Chinese, boe.

Looking back on this history, we know that JDI has deep accumulation of panel technology. JDI also acquired JOLED from SONY, Panasonic's OLED panel business and INCJ led joint venture. JDI now uses "evaporation type (under the vacuum state, the red, green and blue light emitting material vaporization attached to the substrate)" technology to produce OLED panel, printing technology and JOLED has more advanced OLED panel production, printing technology with evaporation type more advanced technology, production cost about 30% lower.

As the China three panel production enterprises, BOE, shentianma just put the OLED panel, Huaxing Power to be put into operation in 2019 when the OLED panel, Chinese panel production enterprises began large-scale production of OLED panel, TFT LCD panel is likely to encounter such as a few years ago the fierce price war, this is obviously disadvantageous to China panel enterprises, if this can get more advanced and lower production costs in OLED panel production technology through cooperation with JDI, will help Chinese Panel Companies and Korean panel enterprise competition.

For JDI, it needs to continue to inject funds, the continuous loss of JDI 2016 has received 75 billion yen industrial innovation agency business investment, but no improvement, is now expanding OLED panel production capacity need thousands billion yen investment, and probably also for future OLED panel price war led to loss, which makes the industry innovation mechanism is quite hesitant thus, forced JDI to seek other investors to inject capital, which leads to the beginning of this article talked about Chinese panel investment matters.

For the Chinese mainland, investing in JDI is a clear bargain, which will help the Chinese panel industry shift from follower to panel technology innovator. After all, JDI, which is facing difficulties in operation, is now in a desperate position. Investing in China's panel business will also help expand its market and improve its own business. This is a win-win cooperation.

After becoming the largest manufacturing economy in the world, China is working on economic transformation. The panel industry has been paid much attention to as one of the upstream industries. And Chinese, panel industry did not disappoint, from poor and blank until now ranked second in the world only took 14 years to demonstrate the power of China, panel industry, and if JDI investment can be reached, the panel industry will be on the upper floor, China.