Demand For 3D Glass Is Growing Rapidly

Demand For 3D Glass Is Growing Rapidly

May 17, 2017

As the most important part of the mobile phone, the material technology of screen has been in the rapid progress. Previously, the smartphone screens mostly used plain-plane 2d glass, such as the iphone 4 's glass screen. 2014, Apple on the iphone 6 screen for the first time using the arc-edge design of 2.5D glass, for mobile phone to bring a smooth feel, this material quickly in many domestic mobile phone applications.

2016, Samsung enabled double-sided 3d glass on its flagship Galaxy S7. Unlike 2.5D glass, 3d glass is in the middle or the edge of the arc design, with light, transparent, clean, anti-fingerprint, glare, weatherability, and so on, not only can make the phone has more three-dimensional color value, but also can bring a good touch handle.

The data show that Galaxy S7 's launch was a success, gaining sales first in the global Android camp. It is reported that Samsung next generation Galaxy S8 Mobile will continue to use 3d glass materials, and Huawei, Millet and other domestic mobile phone giants are also follow up, introducing the use of 3d glass new products.

The competitor's stepping press has given Apple a growing pressure, and the new iphone desperately needs to make significant improvements in its appearance to stimulate consumers ' appetite for purchases. Recently, the latest version of the iphone 8 "All-glass fuselage" has received a great deal of attention on the Internet, and consumers are looking forward to the design of "all Glass". If this expectation becomes true, the 3d glass with excellent bending performance will undoubtedly bear the burden of exterior material.