Design Of Pressing Process For Polarizer

Design Of Pressing Process For Polarizer

Nov 25, 2017

Polarizer material is organic, its thickness is about 0.3mm, and there is a protective film on the top and bottom, such as the 150 pieces of laminated, the height of about 50mm. Polaroid edge sheared burr, and there is a certain curvature, thickness is not uniform, the whole stack of Polaroid two plane parallel error, elastic deformation and horizontal force when pressed, resulting in small size between the polarizing film layer and layer slip, the whole stack of polarizer instability. When the height of the polarizer is larger than the length of the polarizer, it is more likely to slip or collapse. The design of the clamping structure under the platen, the use of negative space double rail with high rigid support structure design on the platen press, the pressure bearing structure of composite structure design of cross roller bearing and the radial bearing. Ensure the polarizer in the compression state, does not produce the offset, while ensuring pressure in the grinding feed, with sufficient precision.

The structure of the platens diagram shown in figure 2. On the table by the platen shaft, high rigidity, double guide rail and a guide block, cylinder, rotating component and T shaped block. The rotating component and the T block are designed for the rotational structure. Have pressed the horizontalcomponent polarizer in platen shaft, square column and platen shaft through two bearings are connected into an integral structure, the slide block two large span two disc bearing fixation and platen shaft, the horizontal force generated in the compression process to reduce the influence of horizontal force, narrow on the drive shaft and the polarizer slip collapse.


Under the table structure diagram as shown in Figure 3, under pressure by the drive gear, a rotating shaft, bearing, rotary table, T block and turntable square columns. In the design, the transfer will have lower platen polarizer pressure to the working platform. And the structure of the two plate bearing is adopted to increase the bearing spacing and reduce the influence of the horizontal component force during the compression process.

Polaroid when pressed on the pressure cylinder, the diameter of the shaft extends under axial pressure to promote movement, through the square shaft and a nylon pad pressing polarizer. About 700kg pressing force transmitted to the lower platen by a polarizer, under such pressure, using a single turntable structure independent drive will make huge equipment structure, and increase the non working stroke, reduce the processing efficiency, and increase the span of stiff problems caused by the sacrificial work drive stationarity and precision turntable. So the lower platen design for the linkage, and the pressure transfer.


The design on the lower platen, the pressing polarizer can be solved, in the grinding process, does not produce instability and collapse. Ensure the smooth progress of the processing process.