Development Of Polarizing Film Edge Grinding Machine

Development Of Polarizing Film Edge Grinding Machine

Nov 25, 2017

 1. Structure and characteristics of polarizer

Polarizer is mainly composed of PVA film, PVA film, pressure-sensitive adhesive, or pressure-sensitive adhesive, peeling film or separation film and protective film, as shown in figure 1,


Intermediate PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) membrane is the polarization of light; in the PVA PVA film two composite is three acetate fiber protective film, it is composed of a transparent substrate and PVA film, TAC film used to separate water and air, to protect the polarizing layer on the substrate; with pressure-sensitive adhesive for different optical effects; coating from the film is easy to fit with liquid crystal glass. This constitutes the most common full transmission polarizer. If you remove a layer of separation film, and then a composite layer of reflective film, is the most common reflection polarizer.

The use of pressure-sensitive adhesive is high temperature resistant moisture-proof pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the PVA special dipping treatment (dye series), polarizing film made for wide temperature type polarizer; prevent the UV component by adding adhesive used, can be made of anti ultraviolet polarizing film is compounded on the birefringence; optical compensation film in the original film transmission, can be made of STN polarizer; in the original film transmission and compound light to the film, can be made of wide angle polarizer or narrow angle polarizer; the pressure sensitive adhesive, PVA film or PVA film used for coloring, color polarizer. With the development of new LCD products, the types of polarizer are more and more.

From the structure of polarizer, it can be seen that polarizer is a kind of layered structure similar to plastic material, it is flexible and flexible, its surface is smooth and highly refined, and its layer and between the use of pressure-sensitive adhesive, it is sticky.

2. Polarizer grinding process

The working process of polarizer grinding equipment is as follows: placing tooling, polarizing plate positioning, clamping, counterclockwise rotation, grinding on both sides, clockwise rotation, removing tooling and grinding, cutting off the other two sides and closing the whole polarizing plate.

The polarizer in the tooling in the stack to form a cuboid, and then placed on the device, from the upper and lower sides of the polarizer is pressed and fixed, positioned on a working table, according to the requirements of cutting, the polarizer is rotated 90 degrees, the cutting tools for high-speed rotation of the two opposite sides, cutting control the amount of polarizer, and a rough cut fine cut, which meets the requirement of accuracy. And improve the surface quality of the polarizer, to eliminate burrs, cracks and inhibit the purpose of overflow, to complete the two sides of the cutting, polarizer reversal back to the original, remove the tooling, cutting the other two sides, and finally complete the cutting.

Considering the structural characteristics of polarizer, it is a very important step to compress and process the polarizer under the condition of medium and small size. It is the key measure to realize the angle precision and improve the efficiency. Multi station simultaneous machining can greatly improve the machining efficiency.