Flat Panel Display Glass Substrate Production Equipment Break Foreign Monopoly

Flat Panel Display Glass Substrate Production Equipment Break Foreign Monopoly

Mar 05, 2018

   According to the official website of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Dongxu Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "photoelectric Dongxu group) display the key technology and equipment" high uniform clean glass substrate surface in January 2, 2018 through appraisal Chinese Institute of electronics, the appraisal committee agreed that the results reached the international advanced level, breaking the foreign enterprises glass substrate manufacturing monopoly in tablet.

  Flat panel display glass substrate is a flat panel display core material industry, manufacturing technology and equipment involved in the complex, difficult, represents the highest level of continuous process for preparing glass, display glass substrate industry short board equipment restricting the development of China's flat panel. After more than 20 years of technological research and development and accumulation, enterprises in developed countries are in a global monopoly position in the field of flat panel display glass substrate manufacturing. New model to promote the application in the intelligent Ministry of finance, the ministry organized manufacturing, Dongxu group and Beijing University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology and other universities, Zibo Gongtao refractory material Co. Ltd., Chengdu Guangming Au Optronics Co and other suppliers, to carry out joint innovation, key technology and process equipment to capture the flat panel display glass substrate melting, molding, finishing phase. In the melting stage, the development of electric boosting furnace oxy fuel combustion, the per kilogram of glass melting energy consumption of less than 1 million 350 thousand cards, 50% energy saving than traditional air combustion; in the forming stage, the research and development of the "five chamber" platinum channel thermal forming equipment, realize the glass temperature uniformity, flow stability and remove air bubbles the precision control; in the finishing stage, the invention of the "water differential method" edge grinding technology and equipment, to solve the brittle glass substrate nondestructive and low pollution machining problem. The use of flat panel display flat glass substrate production of complete sets of equipment production display glass substrate, the thickness difference between any two points is less than or equal to 0.03mm, warping degree less than or equal to 0.3mm, the roughness is less than or equal to 16nm, more than 1um particle defect is less than 19 / M2, the quality of the glass substrate to achieve world-class level.

In addition, Dongxu Group actively promote the flat panel display glass substrate production intelligent transformation, built the first domestic flat-panel display digital factory for the production of glass substrates, compared with the traditional manufacturing mode, the production cycle is shortened by 20%, the defect rate is reduced by more than 40%, the comprehensive operation cost is reduced by more than 30%.  

  At present, Dongxu group in the flat panel display glass substrate manufacturing products and equipment has obtained 103 invention patents, 1068 utility model patents, the application of the equipment has been the construction of a glass substrate 17 complete sets of production lines, as the BOE Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd, Au Optronics Co Innolux display panel manufacturing enterprises in the supply of about 25000000 square meters, to meet the needs of the display industry our flat, flat panel display to enhance the support ability of equipment industry, the formation of a strong support for the development of downstream panel industry.