Global Leader! There Are New Breakthroughs About Xi'an Ultra Wide Temperature Liquid Crystal Display Materials

Global Leader! There Are New Breakthroughs About Xi'an Ultra Wide Temperature Liquid Crystal Display Materials

Mar 01, 2017

The reporter learned from the Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, the research team successfully developed the storage temperature is -45 ~ 103 ultra wide temperature liquid crystal display material, liquid crystal display temperature exceeded the limit, to solve the global problem of slow response speed at low temperature, breaking the blockade of foreign strategic key materials, standing in the forefront of the world's high-end LCD materials.

It is understood that the liquid crystal material is the core of the liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display directly determines the use range, response speed and image quality, is composed of more than 10 components of organic liquid mixture, its viscosity increases with decreasing temperature, low temperature lead to slower response. To improve the response speed of materials at low temperature has become a worldwide problem. The liquid crystal display good seismic performance and display quality with stability and reliability, have a very important purpose in the next generation of high-end outdoor display, but also an important component of foreign advanced weapons, weapons and equipment accounted for more than 90% of the information terminal. Wide temperature liquid crystal display material products and technology has been the close blockade of Western countries.

"After nearly 20 years of systematic research, we have established the basic theory and design method of liquid crystal materials, and formed a complete technical system with independent intellectual property rights." Zhongwei, the leader of Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Institute research team, told reporters, their study found that main factors affecting the low temperature viscosity of liquid crystal material is the intermolecular forces, and achieved a new breakthrough in the synthesis of liquid crystal technology, innovation through the clip type molecular design and synthesis, the liquid crystal molecules by layered structure to spiral structure, has been more than 300 new the liquid crystal monomer, the storage temperature range increased, temperature response speed increases. By using the new catalytic method, the coupling reaction and condensation reaction can be completed once, which not only improves the yield and purity, but also reduces the cost and waste emission. At present, we have obtained more than 20 pieces of monomer, synthesis and display materials.

According to reports, this ultra wide temperature LCD materials in addition to meet the needs of military weapons and equipment, but also can be used for special mobile phones, cars and other outdoor LCD display and wearable devices, the market prospect is very broad.