Hisense Liu Hongxin: Laser TV Will Lead The TV To Update The Trend

Hisense Liu Hongxin: Laser TV Will Lead The TV To Update The Trend

Jan 09, 2018

On the afternoon of January 8th, on the opening day of CES 2018, the president of Hisense group Liu Hongxin presented the keynote speech of "the bright light of color TV industry from China". Through the extraordinary development of laser TV market in recent years, President Liu Hongxin made a judgement: the market of laser TV has been at the "critical point". A TV era dominated by laser TV has been quietly opened.

Liu Hong said, since twentieth Century after the laser energy, computer, semiconductor, another great invention of human beings, known as "the most sharp knife", "the most accurate scale", "the brightest light", now, this is used on TV "light", is sent by Hisense, through technology upgrading of the barrier, beyond the consumer to upgrade the "threshold", the big picture is beautiful to every family Chinese and the world, become a "bright beautiful scenery".

In his speech, Liu Hongxin listed two pictures that made him very touching last year in the laser and television market.

One is in October 24th last year, Hisense 100 inch 4K laser TV was launched at the Harman Kardon global flagship store in Manhattan, New York, with the aura of the next generation of TV entering the center of the world market.