HUAWEI P20 U. S. Net

HUAWEI P20 U. S. Net

Feb 09, 2018

  At the end of February and the end of March (MWC March 27th), there were two HUAWEI global new conference. From the current information, February is the MediaPad M5 tablet computer, and in March it is a heavy new machine P20.

  February 7th at noon news, Slashleaks found a type of ANELX1 HUAWEI new machine in the United States Federal Communications Commission certification library,

  The length of 148mm, width of 70mm, a design for shaped full screen bangs, the back is a vertical camera, battery capacity 2900mAh.

 From these details, the possibility of a corresponding P20 is higher. Because many revelations have pointed out that HUAWEI P20 is used to design language three rear camera and the Leica vertical shaped comprehensive screen.

P20 shell rendering

  Considering that 5.8 inches of Liu Haiping's iPhone X length is only 143.6mm, the screen of HUAWEI P20 should be bigger, for example, up to about 6 inches.

  Now that we have designed Liu Haiping, the first purpose is to enhance the screen proportion. Second is the powerful face recognition system, which has the ability of night infrared induction and 3D modeling.

  At the same time, we should pay attention to the fact that there is no postscript in the rendering of P20 at present, which means that P20 is expected to use the fingerprint inside the screen, or cut off the fingerprint just like iPhone X. Of course, considering the ecological status of Android, it is obvious that the former is more likely.

  In this way, HUAWEI took the lead in integrating the most advanced facial unlocking and screen fingerprints, realizing the advance of the two generation of iPhone X.

  Configuration, P20 will not be an accident is Kirin 970 chip, 6GB RAM start. It is said that HUAWEI has also prepared two P20 Plus products, the larger screen, the larger battery, and the P20 Lite.