IDC: China Display Market Will Decline 6.7% Year On Year In 2017

IDC: China Display Market Will Decline 6.7% Year On Year In 2017

Mar 04, 2017

The latest published "IDC 2016 fourth quarter China PC display market tracking report" showed that the fourth quarter of 2016 China PC display total shipments of 8.555 million units, down by 6.7%. The bundled display shipped 4.592 million units, down 3.7%, independent monitors shipments 3.962 million units, down by 10%. From 2016 the whole year, the Chinese display market total shipments 35.377 million, down by 4.7%. Wang Yinling, IDC China senior analyst, said, "The main reason for the declining trend in China's display market 2016 is the decline in consumer market and internet cafes market demand, the price of panels led to the display of rising prices, consumer extension of the display cycle." IDC predicts that China's display market will fall 6.7% percent 2017, and will show the following trends:

Display prices will decline slightly

Affected by the panel price, the average unit price in 2016 rose 7.6%. The first quarter of 2017, due to weaker demand for panel display panel, the balance of supply and demand trends, the stop price, taking into account the second quarter and third quarter panel display panel or out of new capacity, from the second quarter declined slightly. Prices are expected to monitor and panel price trends will be consistent, will decline slightly in the second quarter of 2017.

Commercial market will become a new opportunity

IDC data show that in 2016 China's display business market shipments rose 2.1%, including higher education and other sectors of the government market share, there is a rigid demand. 2017 with the Ministry of education to weaken the regional reform, and further promote intelligent transportation and small and micro businesses and other projects. IDC forecast, transportation, government, services, education, energy and other industries relatively fast growth, so expanding the commercial market will become a new opportunity for the development of the display market in 2017.

The Internet bar display market shows a downward trend in 2017

The Internet bar display market shipments 3.86 million, down by 9.1%, the main reason of this trend is the quality of the Internet bar, poor attendance, slow capital returns, there are many small and individual bars are closed. In addition, small bars use the second-hand display which replaced by large bars, influencing the shipments of Internet bar display market. IDC predicts that this trend will continue until 2017, the Internet cafe display market shipments will continue to decline by 7.3% in 2017.

Black technology promote the continued growth in demand for display

2K, gaming and other black display technology shipments were up 423.1%, 163% and 1300% in 2016, the main reasons include, black technology display is a new product, shipments of small base; black technology to bring better display consumer product experience; LCD manufacturers and downstream products to promote the back technology. IDC believes that with the upgrading of consumer experience and manufacturers to promote, black technology display shipments will have a larger growth space in 2017.

23.5 "W large size shows trend growth in the consumer market

IDC data showed that in 2016 China's display consumer market shipments fell 14.3%, but the consumer market, the size of more than W shipments grew by 37.4%. This is because the large size can give consumers a better visual enjoyment, the mainstream display size is from 21.5 W to 23.5 W gradually transfer "; on the other hand is part of Japan and South Korea to abandon the panel cutting small size, relatively speaking, more than 23.5" W panel supply is adequate, the price range is relatively small, display manufacturers more actively the size of product shipments. 2017 display manufacturers and panel manufacturers will continue to strengthen the layout in terms of size, is expected in 2017 23.5 W above the size will continue to grow by 14.5%.

Independent display brand will face a reshuffle

In 2016 Chinese display market brand structure changed greatly, which Dell shipments rose 25.6%, market share increased by 2.2%, LG and Acer market share decreased by 2.2% and 3.9%, ranking dropped to ninth and eleventh. IDC believes that in 2017 independent display market increase in supply chain cost and lower profits under the condition of small and medium-sized brands in the fierce price war challenge, business operation is more difficult, or will have a large display of brand structure adjustment.

Independent display electricity supplier channels will maintain growth

Independent display electricity supplier channel sales grew 17.1% in 2016, accounting for the total sales in the country in 2016 accounted for more than 27.1%. Survey shows that 80 90 has become the main consumer groups, at the same time shopping experience is getting better, the price tends to be transparent, relatively easy to comprehensive performance parameters, which is the main reason for growth in the electricity supplier channels display. IDC believes that 2017 will continue to monitor the independent electricity supplier on the online channel, forecast channel sales will display an increase of 8.9%.

Commercial digital signage advertising machine market has a growth in 2017

With the rapid development of the Internet, and in a series of favorable policies, such as the wisdom of the city, in 2016 China's commercial digital signage advertising market shipments 953 thousand, an increase of 10.5%. Media, retail, government, transportation accounted for 80.3%. 2017 with the further promotion of the wisdom of the economy, digital signage advertising machine market shipments will grow 9.6%.