Intelligent LED Display: Trend

Intelligent LED Display: Trend

Jan 17, 2017

In the Internet age, intelligence is a very popular word, Smart City, smart traffic, smart security, and so on. And TFT  display screen is no exception, in order to meet the market demand, to intelligent direction of development trends are becoming evident.

The traditional mode, each LED display requires manual management and the harsh environment for a prolonged, high failure rate, and maintain each service takes a certain amount of time, manpower and resources. However, with the rapid development of science and technology and economic, LED display are used more and more widely, ever increasing quantities at the same time, give the Manager a difficult problem, and that is how to save time, effort, and cost to manage a large number of screens. Therefore, many companies made a lot of attempts at this point and challenge. In this context, LED intelligent display screen has emerged, and is widely used in areas that require it.The LED display also produces several species, such as the super bright series.And its types and models are increasing, for example 5 lcd panel,4.3 TFT LCD,STN display.

So-called intelligent LED display, is actually the combination of screen and Internet, realize the remote publishing of clustering, remote control, remote monitoring, and the cluster of LED display screen size with dozens of blocks, hundreds of blocks, even up to thousands of dollars. When the display when there is a problem, it will alarm spontaneously, and then analyze their State, some issues can also automatically repair, to a certain extent, reduce the workload of engineers. Today, the smart display has developed a mature, meet the needs of an increasing number of display cluster, many cases have been in practice.

Traffic is intelligently display areas high in the older, mature, intelligent applications including Intelligent public transportation system, traffic induced traffic control center screen, electronic information, and so on. Application in the traffic control center, the command center as the core of intelligent traffic, display of the device as the final product, for real-time monitoring of road conditions played an important role, but also provides a basis for investigation. Route guidance screen is a major application of intelligent display screen, when a road traffic accident, the route guidance screen will display this information and advice around, give drivers traffic guide.

In addition, the city bus electronic bus stop Board is also an important embodiment of intelligent display screen window, using bus GPS global positioning system by public transport information management center server group and wireless data transmission network, receive and post bus runs. Waiting in the course of the public may notice through electronic bus stop Board LED screen real-time location for knowing in advance to be on the bus, probably need a few more stops, how far are arriving at the station, and intelligent electronic bus stop Board can also play weather information, travel services such as reference information.

Except in the transport sector embodies the intelligent LED display, in the field of monitoring done. LED due to the perfect HD display, the screen brightness can be adjusted and fully advantage of seamless, replaced the indoor DLP, PDP, LCD and other display equipment, widely used in indoor monitoring systems. Indoor display is closed-circuit surveillance system (CCTV) component of the monitor video display, we can watch the front end send image. As integral to the video monitoring terminal equipment, indoor display acts as a supervisor of "eyes", as well as ex post facto investigation played a crucial role.

With the development of technology, intelligent escalation of the display. Intelligent display screen not only displays high-definition, smooth, dynamic images and videos, and offers more functionality and services for consumer use and enjoyment, strengthening interaction and personal experience with the consumer, making consumers feel LED displays from traditional spectator to Exchange into new objects. For example, Shanghai metro station within appeared of "was egg rolls" event, KFC KFC using LED display attract passers-by interactive do breakfast of advertising, to publicity its breakfast new "was egg rolls", Metro station within of audience can in LED big screen Shang site imitation KFC KFC "was egg rolls" making process in the of playing eggs, and stirred flour, and fried egg cake, and package within stuffing, action, to 0 Jet lag of way rates reflected in big screen Shang, while also will triggered corresponding of sound feedback.

As another example, earlier a infrared sensor LED intelligent display screen, infra-red sensors at the top of the display screen in front of the body's shadow and body control buttons on the display screen and the screen, you can play popular games such as watermelon. As another example, using intelligent network cloud display play comes with a tiny video camera capture image and display advertising to force the audience to experience, a virtual dressing room, scan the QR code shopping; data capture, accurate record audience number, gender, concerned about the length, and so on.

Under the rapid development of the Internet, intelligent LED display must be a big trend, which will gradually into more areas of application, become a high-end enjoyment and controlled display device. Enterprises want to develop more in the long run, you have to see them to seize such an opportunity.

Future development trend of LED screens, intelligent display future development is the main and small space in one direction. "With points spacing of narrowed, display and by all of distance also with of closer, in near distance watch of situation Xia, LED display can rendering out perfect of displayed effect, picture clear smooth; while, by all and display can achieved" dialogue ", display by convey of content also will by passive conveying change for by all active received, such display of spread effect on can get is big of upgrade. Future, will greatly improve the people's living standard, higher demands on display, intelligent display very likely to enter people's homes, ordinary consumer goods, it is a vision, is the general trend.