Internet TV Ushered In A Hundred Schools Of Contention

Internet TV Ushered In A Hundred Schools Of Contention

Dec 27, 2017

In the last few days, millet, music video staged the annual public relations war. CEO Lei Jun millet content after the war, the most concerned about the price war to LETV LETV chairman Jia Yueting LETV; and also not resigned to playing second fiddle "do not understand the law question, millet, also others as their own content, and that the alleged LETV millet short; public relations war millet, LETV mouths with blood, and cool open, Hisense and other TV manufacturers as a" third party "to join the war, make the situation more confusing.

If only from the Internet TV industry, in fact, after this melee, the concept of Internet TV with the rise of music as millet, cool and other domestic brands more and more deeply the mass consumer perspective, the Internet TV industry has ushered in the first year of the contention of a hundred schools of thought.

At the end of the 6. 18 big promotion, cool open but unexpectedly occupy the obvious advantage, get the success of the open door. Of which 55 inch 4K television cool U55 won the Jingdong sales champion, followed by the music of TV, Hisense, millet and SKYWORTH. As a born SKYWORTH cool open, on the one hand, learning millet, music as Internet mode, and use a SKYWORTH in the field of home appliances industry 20 years of accumulation, secretly force at the same time in the supply chain and technology, relying on the domestic first-class TV generation and R & D level, will be built in networking, cloud computing, big data the information technology in the TV terminal of the integrated use of more mature, has been quite robust.

"Internet companies in the television industry experience is still shallow, on the upper reaches of the industrial chain to control capability is also inadequate, often have out of stock. With the impact of SKYWORTH on the industry chain, it can better integrate resources. In content, cool is equally widely distributed. " Coocaa chairman Wang Zhiguo also had Xiangyou taking a loudspeaker: "when the cool open has been in the background when the money, you are still arguing with how to sell the tv." Since the beginning of this year, cool TV has changed the TV service based on Internet services, enabling users to enjoy the bonus of the Internet. Not only the user activity has increased by 5%, but also the daily revenue has risen sharply. Under the support of strong supply chain, we have a group of people who have a deep understanding of the TV industry, constantly updating content resources, improving product performance, optimizing user experience and improving market penetration, which will be the last winner. Wang Zhiguo also said.

Internet TV, as a kind of intelligent hardware, is important in hardware, but more is the comparison of the competition of the ability to integrate the software and hardware systems. The competition in the Internet TV industry, in fact, still needs to return to the "hardware + content" double insurance profit era.