It's Said That Sharp Will Expand OLED Investment, Increase Production

It's Said That Sharp Will Expand OLED Investment, Increase Production

Mar 08, 2017

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the Japanese version, according to people involved, Sharp   plans to drop about 100 billion yen to expand the OLED panel production plan, the plan in 2018 OLED month panel the lowest yield increased to 30 thousand tablets in Japan many plants, The plan in 2018 OLED panel output increased to 30 thousand the lowest tablets in Japan factory, more investment will be announced in September last year, the amount of up to 74%, but this is mainly in order to catch up with the orders of Samsung, Apple.

Sharp announced in September 30th last year, will drop about 57 billion 400 million yen to set the OLED panel production line (pilot line), and the related equipment import business and in three will cause, is expected in 2018 Q2 (4-6 months) enabled. Sharp pointed out that the production line is mainly to the accumulation of OLED panel production required knowledge, improve the yield of the production technology research and development, and will also carry out small scale production, shipments to customers.

WSJ pointed out that Foxconn to buy SHARP last year, has indicated that will spend 200 billion yen to build a OLED panel factory, but according to the relationship between the participants pointed out that Foxconn after investigation after analyzing, OLED plant construction costs will reach the lowest estimated value of 3 times (600 billion yen), because this plan is expected in the construction of the existing plant expansion the small scale OLED production capacity.

The city of Display Supply Chain Consultants Research Institute (DSCC) co-founder Tamura Kio said, SHARP plans to build an annual output of about 15 million pieces of intelligent mobile phone with OLED intelligent mobile phone panel, but the global annual output of up to hundreds of millions, so for SHARP in the OLED panel market has a certain status, it is necessary to further expansion of production. Tamura Kio said that in 2020 the smart phone with OLED panel demand estimates will reach 1 billion, the current level of 2 times.