JDI Develops A Real Borderless Screen

JDI Develops A Real Borderless Screen

Apr 19, 2017

Apple will start using OLED screens next year, but OLED wants to completely replace the LCD panel, which seems to have a fairly long time, and the screen border thickness is one of the most important factors. And recently, JDI, the world's leading LCD panel maker, has just released a new high-definition LCD display, which can almost completely disappear from the company's full-active technology, with no exception to the bottom of the screen.


In recent years, many LCD panel manufacturers have used the method of transferring various touch elements to the bottom of the screen to minimize the screen box, while the JDI solution is a way of thinking, not shifting the position of the component, but further narrowing their volume.

With a new line layout and encapsulation technology, JDI can make the bottom border thickness almost the same as the other three borders. This means that theoretically, the smartphone's fuselage can be completely covered with the display. Of course, in practice, because smartphones also add speakers, cameras, and home keys, and so on, it is not possible to use screen coverage entirely. However, this technique can still further reduce the thickness of the screen borders.

JDI plans to start a massive production of this new display from the end of next March, so it wants to see the smartphone of this screen to wait in the first half of the time. In addition, not just smartphones, even the future of tablet computers we may see a real borderless design.