JDI Will Expand The Vehicle Panel Capacity Of Tottori Factory

JDI Will Expand The Vehicle Panel Capacity Of Tottori Factory

Mar 21, 2017

Japan Display (JDI) announced that, in order to meet with the increasingly growing market demand, the largest JDI vehicle display production base in Tottori factory will expand its production capacity 12%.

According to JDI report, the Tottori factory scheduled to begin operations in November 2017, LCD glass panel production capacity will be amplified by 12%, and one new automatic assembly line on April, for the prototype products and advanced LCD process developed.


Driven by the trend of networked vehicles, the current number of monitors installed per vehicle continues to increase, the market growth rate of the vehicle display is expected to remain at about 10%, higher than the automotive market. JDI automotive display department is trying to improve the market share of the car display, and planning the 2021 fiscal year of car display revenue increased by about 2 times compared with the year 2016.

The new assembly line automation module, will greatly enhance the efficiency of JDI product development and rapid response to customer demand for diversification. In addition, JDI will continue to provide, promote efficient, high reliability of the LCD, to meet the needs of vehicle design in the design flexibility, low power consumption and high speed response.