Joled Developed The World's First Printed OLED Panel

Joled Developed The World's First Printed OLED Panel

May 22, 2017

Japan's OLED panel, Joled, May 17 released a press release announcing the launch of the world's first 4K OLED panel product using the technology of "printing (to apply liquid light-emitting materials to a substrate as finely as a printer)". Joled the OLED panel product size is 21. 6 inches, which began in April to provide samples for medical display use, and then plans to extend the application of objects to television, video games and other uses.

Joled is a unified Sony, Panasonic OLED panel business, and accept the Japanese government fund "Industrial Innovation Agency (INCH)" and Japan Display Inc. (JDI) shares on January 15, 2015 on the official Road OLED panel company, currently Inch holding Joled 75% stake, JDI, Sony, Panasonic respectively hold 15%, 5%, 5% equity.

JDI plans to increase its share of JOLED holdings to 51% in late December 2017, adding JOLED as a subsidiary, and JOLED President Higashii Kunobuhiro is expected to hold the post of JDI president in June this year.

According to Sankei news and Sankei Biz, JOLED has received orders from Sony, and JOLED announced that it will begin selling OLED panel products in early 2018. "The printing technology will be the standard for the OLED panel," said JOLED, President of the company, in a news conference held on 17 july.

The Nikkei news report, Joled on 17th, demonstrated the availability of television, a wide range of 16 OLED panel products, such as medical displays, game displays and flat panels, have also shown a curved medium-sized product that uses OLED features, and will use the JDI plant for a small production this fall.

Nikkei News pointed out that Joled for research and development company, currently has no products to ship, so the current revenue is zero, and research and development costs continue to be in a loss state, so that 3 years to pay the loss of JDI after the Joled is linked to the subsidiary, the cost burden is further aggravated; In addition, for Joled, if want to become JDI Savior, embark on will make money "filial son" road, the first step is to establish a stable production of the world's first printing OLED panel mass production technology.