Korean Media: China And Korea Panel Industry Gap Only Remains 0.9 Years

Korean Media: China And Korea Panel Industry Gap Only Remains 0.9 Years

Apr 12, 2017

According to overseas media reports, Samsung smartphone and the global network of the speed of the South Korean science and technology industry, the leading edge is gradually disappearing, South Korea Research report pointed out that there is currently 24 area leading continental industry remaining less than 1 years, the gap between the two sides narrowed.

Bloomberg Market reported that although South Korea's opposition presidential candidate Wen Zaiyin has proposed the next 5 years to accelerate the development of new technology-driven economic plans, but according to the latest report from research institutes such as the Korean Industry Research Institute (KIET), it is a 5 years after China overtook the areas of high-end smartphones, wearable devices, memory chips, and smart electronics.

And in the Panel, biotechnology and other 24 areas, the gap between the two sides only 0. 9 years, representing South Korea without strength, will soon be overtaking. The report points out that China pushes "manufacturing 2025" in China, hoping to shift the traditional labour-intensive industry model to the more high-end industries such as aerospace.

And China's technology in the field of catching up, has threatened Korea related companies, experts pointed out that the progress of China's industry, change the value chain between Korea and Chinese enterprises, South Korean enterprises must expand investment, production of more competitive products.

In the main industry, South Korea appears to be leading China in the semiconductor and panel industry, says Kim Hyeon Wook, an economist at the Seoul Institute of SK, and the government should face the problem squarely and make a necessary reform plan.