LCD Panel And OLED Panel, Which One Is Better?

LCD Panel And OLED Panel, Which One Is Better?

Mar 09, 2017

The new LCD panel factory is constantly built in China, which is due to the various manufacturers believe that the advantage of LCD panel will continue. As the next generation of products, the cost of organic EL panel is too expensive.According to the the survey of IHS Technology, with an annual output of 250 million units of the TV market, the share of organic EL panel is only about 1%, while LCD TV which accounts for 99% will continue to maintain the advantage.

In the field of TV oriented organic EL panel, South Korea LG display leading. As of 2016, annual production capacity is considered to reach more than one million pieces. However, due to the low yield and material technology is not mature, organic EL panel price reached more than 2 times the LCD panel. From the TV price point of view, 65 inches of organic EL TV price of more than 500 thousand yen (about RMB 30 thousand yuan), the price is high, it is difficult to expand sales.

In the field of liquid crystal panel, most large factories located in East Asia, while parts suppliers are also concentrated. Fierce competition in the industry, customers are easy to stabilize the procurement to the low price panel.

On the other hand, in the annual shipments of 1.5 billion smartphones, the share of organic EL panel was raised to about 20%. Apple is expected in the fall of 2017 will be on the smart phone using organic EL panel. In this field, the transition from the LCD panel to the organic EL panel appears to be making progress.