LED Display Screen Repair And Reinforcement

LED Display Screen Repair And Reinforcement

Jan 17, 2017

1. broadening the Base: a set of concrete or reinforced concrete encircling, increase the outdoor led display based on the bottom area, changing the area billboards based small, lack of capacity resulting from uneven settlement of Foundation.

2. pit underpinning method: directly in the Foundation after digging a hole under concrete.

3. pile underpinning method: using billboards or set the static pressure on both sides in the lower part of the basis columns, driven piles, pile and other types of piles for Foundation reinforcement methods.

4. grout underpinning method in chemical grout evenly into the ground through the loose soil or cracks these grout cement curing, in order to improve the bearing capacity, water impermeability.

5. the method of landing correction: outdoor led display settlement side to take measures to prevent sinking, and forced to land on the other side to take measures. Landing include: loading ingots or stones, construction of the cantilever beam, Earth landing, water correction, etc.

6. method of jacking rectification: tilt Billboard settlement areas, by adjusting the quantity of parts of the Billboard Top, make it a point or a line as a whole plane turns, for the purpose of reinstating.