LG Display Showed Three New OLED Applications In SID2017

LG Display Showed Three New OLED Applications In SID2017

May 27, 2017

According to foreign media reported, south Korea's largest OLED panel factory LG Display showed their lastest research in the field of OLED in SID2017, including some can only through the OLED to achieve the application of differentiated value products. LG Display showed three types of OLED technology applications, including TVs, IT & mobile phones, and automobiles.

For TV, LG Display showed a 77 inch and 65 inch OLED TV, such as a normal paper thickness, which can be pasted directly on the wall, just like a wallpaper, and a 65 inch 4K CSO (Crystal sound OLED) products that can be used to make the panel audible.

For IT, LG Display showed the "In-Touch" technology available for display. In-Touch "without the glass cover layer in traditional touch technology, it can reduce the structural design difficulty of panels and borders." By placing the touch sensor inside the panel, the application can now be implemented on a high-resolution display at 24 inch level.

For vehicle display device, LG Display showed a 12.3 inch Full-screen dashboard display device, in addition to a larger size than the same type of conventional equipment, is the key to adding a transparent display layer to enhance the stereoscopic appearance of the analog dashboard, which is not currently available in other display technologies.