LGD Intensify Investment In Panel Factory

LGD Intensify Investment In Panel Factory

May 15, 2017

In order to be able to supply an OLED panel to Apple in advance, LGD is rumored to intensify investment in E6 plant to expand capacity in the shortest possible time and grab Apple orders. Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics currently under Samsung Display, is the world's only capable of large-scale production of smart phone OLED panels manufacturers, Apple OLED orders. LGD stepped up to catch up, industry personage said, LGD E6 plant The first stage investment amount of 1.999 trillion won (about 1.77 billion USD), Target monthly production of 15,000 pieces of flexible OLED panels, E6 factory is scheduled for the next half of 2018 production.

Now the first phase of the investment has not yet completed, LGD has planned to invest in the second phase of this year. Outside estimates, E6 plant capacity will be further expanded to produce 45,000 pieces of OLED panels per month, the amount of investment may be between 1.5 trillion to 3 trillion won. The report said that the first phase of investment has not yet ended, to start the second phase of investment is fairly rare, usually the industry will first pilot, check the yield, and then depending on the situation whether to proceed to the next stage of investment, LGD but skip this step, directly towards the second stage. 

Amid speculation that LGD is so impatient that it is necessary to ensure production capacity and grab Apple orders as soon as possible. E6 plant produces medium and small flexible OLED, which is specially supplied for apple. Relevant personage discloses, E6 factory uses day factory Canon Tokki equipment to produce OLED, the risk is lesser. The OLED device, made by Korean manufacturers, is used in E5 plants. Canon Tokki has experience in mass production of OLED, and the Korean plant is the first to be used in the production of OLED.

Another Korean media report, originally rumored Samsung display will be in South Korea Eshan (Asan) to build a new flexible OLED panel factory, but this message was denied on 11th. A spokeswoman for the company said they leveled the land adjacent to the Eshan production base, but had not yet decided on land use.