LGD Plans To Produce Flexible OLED TVs In 2020

LGD Plans To Produce Flexible OLED TVs In 2020

Jul 12, 2017

OFweek news: according to Business Korea reported that following the recent show 77 inch flexible and transparent OLED display, LGD days ago decided in 2020 to start producing curly large size (55 to 75 inches) OLED TV.

LGD will be able to produce flexible TV at the P10 OLED factory in Pozhou. P10, the most confident OLED plant in the LGD, is worth more than $8 billion and is expected to start production in 2018, but mass production will take some time. The P10 plant is dedicated to the production of OLED, including OLED TV panels (9 or 10 generation substrates, LG seems to have not yet been determined) and small and medium-sized flexible OLED.

A 55 inch OLED panel is expected to cost 30 million won ($26000), the report said. It's not clear what the value of a flexible TV panel can be for consumers, but LGD may have some ideas for its applications. The company launched a 77 inch 4K transparent and flexible prototype, showing two applications -- smart desktops and commercial retail devices.

What's the market outlook for the flexible TV? As early as 2011, SONY conceived a flexible OLED tv. "The practice of a huge black box (TV) being put into the room will eventually come to pass," Dr. Kazumasa Nomoto said in an interview. That may be true, but LGD must try every means to reduce the cost of such OLED. In any case, LG's decision is still exciting and hopeful.