Mainland And South Korea Expand The Production Of OLED

Mainland And South Korea Expand The Production Of OLED

Jul 03, 2017

Mainland and South Korea are competing to invest in active organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLED), the mainland's OLED production will increase by 300% this year, with the OLED scale of economic growth, there will be a fierce competition for small and medium-sized panels with LCD in future. However, for the TV panel in large size, the LCD of AUO and Innolux camp still has the advantage.

Foreign reported, SD made investment plan, hope the sixth generation of small and medium sized AMOLED panel production capacity can expand to 30 thousand glass substrates; LG display (LGD) will make the six generation AMOLED panel production capacity to 30 thousand.

BOE, Tianma, Weixinnuo and other mainland panel factory scheduled to be merged this year to 137 thousand tablets, compared with the growth of 300% last year. The factory B7 of BOE in Chengdu, the monthly production capacity of this year will be upgraded from 16 thousand to 32 thousand tablets, and Weinuoxin will expand capacity to 30 thousand.

The capacity of Huaxing Optronics and Evedisplay Optronics in Shanghai will expand 1.5 thousand tablets this year.

AUO, Innolux and other Taiwan Panel Factory main push LCD small and medium-sized panel, in the high grade of small and medium-sized panels, they will the mainly push low-temperature polycrystalline silicon Panel, China and South Korea continued to expand AMOLED Small and medium-sized panel capacity, and there will be a  fierce competition with Tianwa factory in small and medium-sized panels.