New IPhone And IPad Will Use The OLED Screen

New IPhone And IPad Will Use The OLED Screen

Mar 27, 2017

When Apple launched a new 9.7 inch iPad, Samsung also intends to grab headlines, they are ready to turn to the full screen OLED tablet PC. In addition, Samsung also mentioned that apple is testing for the future of OLED iPad.


IPhone8 has been identified using the OLED screen (maginary graph of iPhone8)

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Display is planning to start its tablet PC using OLED screen to replace. It is predicted that Samsung will eventually display the entire Tablet PC product line using OLED screen. Samsung Electronics has decided to release OLED screens for tablets and laptops this year. OLED Tablet PC will be launched in the second half of this year.


It is reported that the next generation iPad will also use the OLED screen

Because Samsung display in the first half of this year for Apple's new iPhone 8 OLED screen OLED screen will lead to the supply of 5-6 inches tight, so it will be difficult for the supply of such OLED tablet and laptop screen. Further reports that apple is also considering the use of its OLED screen for iPad. There are also indications that apple is also considering the use of OLED screen for iPad. It is rumored that apple is verifying the performance and quality of the OLED screen is suitable for tablet PCs. Once tested, apple is likely to launch OLED iPad.

There are rumors that Apple's 10.5 inch iPad Pro will be launched next year, if it intends to follow the design of iPhone 8, equipped with OLED screen is very likely. Perhaps Samsung mentioned apple is testing the OLED screen is for this iPad Pro. The reason did not launch this spring, it is likely that the OLED screen production capacity is insufficient.