OLED 3D Touch Cost Increases, IPhone8 Will Be More Expensive

OLED 3D Touch Cost Increases, IPhone8 Will Be More Expensive

Mar 15, 2017

Foreign media (9To5Mac) quoted Digitimes reported that the OLED version of the 3D for the Touch screen module costs $15, compared to the existing iPhone 7 3D module used in the Touch increased by 60%. Foreign media predicted that the increase in costs will make iPhone 8 become the most expensive in the history of a iPhone.

According to Digitimes reports, OLED version of the iPhone will be a touch sensor overlay on the AMOLED screen to support the 3D Touch operation, AMOLED screen from Taiwan TPK (Chen Hung Optoelectronic Technology) supply.

The report said that suppliers will begin to supply parts in the fourth quarter, once again hinted that iPhone may be released after September, which is later than the traditional iPhone listing time.

As the screen is changed from LCD to OLED, the 3D Touch feature also needs to be redesigned. The report notes that the AMOLED panel requires a new type of 3D Touch sensor. The new sensor involves more complex production process, leading to rising costs. The cost of the 3D Touch module in the iPhone 7 series is $9, while the cost of the 3D Touch module in iPhone 8 is expected to reach $15.

$6 increase means more than 60% of the cost of growth. Taking into account that other parts of the new machine are designed to be newer and more complex than the cost of production, the seemingly small cost increases for many parts will eventually lead to a surprising increase in the total cost of new iPhone. Because Apple is unlikely to profit from the market to appease the market, and ultimately increase the cost of consumers need to pay. Currently in the sale of iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Version (with the highest) retail price of $979 (mainland official website of $7988), according to this view iPhone 8 pricing is more than $1000 is not impossible.

Integrated media reports, apple is expected to be released later this year, three new iPhone. In addition to all the expectations of the new iPhone 8, in addition to the existing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus iterative upgrade version of the. The naming of "iPhone 8" may not be the final release name. Rumors iPhone 8 will use a new all glass body design, borderless 5.8 inch OLED screen, with 3D sensing features front camera, support for wireless charging, longer life. Fingerprint sensor and virtual Home key are integrated into the screen.

Two "7S" products should be available on a regular basis in September. However, due to the lag of the supply chain, OLED version of the iPhone or later several months listed.