OLED Has Obvious Advantages In Some Aspects

OLED Has Obvious Advantages In Some Aspects

Jul 06, 2017

The display effect is good. OLED screen display contrast is high, show black can be completely no light, achieve pure color, a wide gamut, NTSC standard color gamut can reach 110%, while the LCD is only 70%~90%; the angle is wide and the self luminous makes the viewing angle reach 170 degrees.

More frivolous. The layer of OLED panel is less than LCD, remove the backlight, brightness enhancement film, polaroid and other parts, the material is different, so compared to LCD lighter weight, smaller thickness, reducing the average thickness of about 0.5mm, to achieve the effect of frivolous.

Low energy consumption. The OLED screen can light only where it needs to shine, and the rest doesn't work, thereby reducing power consumption. When the display black, completely does not shine, therefore does not have the power consumption, the electricity saving effect is obvious.

Flexible effect can be achieved. Due to the limitation of the backlight panel and the liquid crystal, the LCD screen is difficult to achieve flexibility, while the OLED is flexible and bendable. It can be used in a variety of applications such as wearable devices, smart phones and so on.