OLED Market Space Is Wide

OLED Market Space Is Wide

May 02, 2017

LCD panel prices continue to raise, OLED is the case of a broken goods, in these factors stimulated by the BOE, the Tianma and other listed companies have issued a dazzling earnings, even the Social Security Fund all the two stocks. In the recent "2017 International New display Technology exhibition", The Shenzhen Tianma and BOE is occupied by various types of application scenarios, including retail, intelligent home, industrial control, medical and on-board equipment, display the OLED screen good applicability.

It is reported that the OLED market will still appear in the current this year in short supply, and more than 90% percent of the share will be wearable equipment, high-end smartphones occupy. But now in the car market, the application of OLED has just started, is expected to the second half of the relevant enterprises will bring performance contributions. In addition, enterprises also need to note: in-car conditions, the stability of OLED screen and other technical indicators of more stringent requirements, such conditions, but conducive to those with technology-based companies to establish a moat.

From the exhibition, all kinds of cool products are revealed to us the development of OLED industry in the future direction. For example, touch display, curved surface shape, flexible folding, etc., manufacturers also provide OLED display technology in medical, art, retail, car, smart home and other fields of application solutions.

At present, the capacity of OLED and the yield of good products are in the rising stage, so it has been widely concerned by the industry. Even the current Beijing Oriental and other manufacturers of OLED display products are downstream customers a rob and light, especially smart phone customers, because they want to take these products for preemptive certification.

Overall, with the gradual release of OLED capacity, this new display of materials is expected to be popular on high-end smartphones, in addition to the automotive electronics industry will become OLED display materials important applications. And from another point of view, the flexible characteristics of OLED is more suitable for the car environment, and the future of intelligent car and unmanned cars, each car will be equipped with a number of display-screen for OLED industry investors, this market space is very broad, not to ignore.

According to prospective Industry Research Institute analysis, in the next few years, China's OLED manufacturers shipments will maintain a steady growth trend, it is expected to 2020 this size will reach 900 million tablets.

Overall, the current panel display in the field of the leading OLED production line construction, the outbreak of the industry has opened the curtain.

But for participants, because OLED production line in the operation, technology, technology and other aspects of the difficulty coefficient is higher, so the next two or three years in these construction production lines can be put into operation, still remains to be seen. However, with the gradual release of OLED capacity, OLED product prices will also be adjusted, but in the high-end display area, OLED screen is still in short supply status.

For investors, how to grasp the wave of the revolution in the field of display, but also from the downstream market development, display of the supply of the programme angles, of course, product quality is also a decisive factor in the size of downstream customers.