OLED Material Factory, Universal Display, Has A Big Harvest

OLED Material Factory, Universal Display, Has A Big Harvest

May 06, 2017

Universal display of the United States popular OLED material supplier after the announcement Thursday, the former quarterly revenue, surplus both better than expected, encouraging stock prices jumped nearly 15% after the success of the members of the Hundred Dollars Club.

Universal display is the material supplier of Samsung OLED panel, its three-month revenue came to 55.6 million, each surplus (EPS) paid 0. 22 Dollars. The control analyst originally predicted revenue for 33.8 million dollars, keep the balance of profit and loss.

Universal Display CEO Sidney Rosenblatt said that the development trend of OLED industry is exciting, visibility is sufficient to increase revenue forecasts. Rosenblatt According to customer expansion of the condition of the factory, the growth of OLED this year will exceed the original expectations.

Looking to this year, universal display will forecast revenues from the original 2. 3-2. 500 million USD rose to 2. 6-2. Between $800 million, conversion year growth rate is between 30%-40%.

Universal display the day of the normal trading period fell 0. 72%, after the disc is stimulated by earnings news and more than 14. 94%, temporary report 103. 28 dollars.