OLED Panel Supply Is Insufficient, IPhone8 Will Be The Most Expensive In History?

OLED Panel Supply Is Insufficient, IPhone8 Will Be The Most Expensive In History?

Jul 13, 2017

A tech observer who predicted successfully Apple's price for many times, Gruber said, the OLED panel supply shortage will affect the iPhone 8 output, resulting in the model's price of the initial version reached $1199 to $1249, if the forecast is right, iPhone 8 or will become history's most expensive iPhone.

According to foreign media CNBC reported, recently Apple Corp long-term observers, developers Gruber (John Gruber) said in an interview, the price of iPhone 8 will be beyond the imagination of many people, after the price of $1000 is a conservative estimate, is likely to reach $1200 in the final. The main reason for this is Apple's tight supply of the phone.

According to the current capacity of apple, apple can not produce 40 million quarterly ten year version of the new mobile phone. Because of the lack of capacity, resulting in this phone has eventually been pushed up. Gruber predicts to configure 64GB storage ten year version of mobile phones, the price will be $1199, or even reach $1249, configure 256GB flash version, the price will be $1299, or even $1399.

The media quoted the netizen said, apple three new machines, in addition to the iPhone 7S / 7S Plus, another will be named iPhone Plus, and the screen above the "bang" design will be removed, and the fingerprint sensor will be integrated in the new Home button below the power button, but also in exclusive color on a "07 color", will provide 64GB / 256GB storage capacity version, at the same time also comes with a random wireless charging disk.

As for the new "07 color", allegedly the color can refer to the first generation of iPhone behind the color, only iPhone and Plus have this new color style, is also called Classic color argument inside apple now.

The above statement, it can be said from the side confirms earlier on Apple's new iPhone conjecture, such as wireless charging, comprehensive screen design and so on. As for the side fingerprint mentioned in the article, it is still to be verified. Earlier, there are rumors that Apple's new iPhone will put fingerprint identification in the division or not, or directly cancel the fingerprint identification.