Opportunities And Challenges Coexist, The Development Of Glass Substrate In China

Opportunities And Challenges Coexist, The Development Of Glass Substrate In China

Apr 25, 2017

At present, the display panel industry's new display technology development is changing rapidly, here is a major breakthrough and change. In the case of China's display industry, it has entered the critical period of development and deep water, it is necessary to focus on the relative dispersion of investment subjects and industrial resources agglomeration, relying on mature technology to meet the current demand and forward-looking technology layout, the rapid expansion of industrial scale and the improvement of quality benefit between the imbalance and unbalance.


In the light of demand, the new LCD panel lines in recent years are mainly concentrated in China. Japan and South Korea and Taiwan investment suspension or stagnation, China will have more than 28 4.5 generations LCD panel line, only 8.5 generations will reach 11, expected to surpass South Korea, Taiwan, China, capacity will occupy more than 1/3 global capacity, the Global panel capacity champion. This is the root cause of the Chinese continent's investment boom in the display of glass substrates this year.


Glass substrate enterprises have been investing more cautious, this year, large-scale investment in China, indicating that they have no exception optimistic about the broad prospects of the Chinese market. Asahi, electric nitrate, Corning three in the domestic have a stable customer, this time in China to build factories can save from the imported glass original board costs and shorten the delivery time, to achieve the nearest supporting. And Corning in Chongqing, the nearest supply of Beijing East and Hui Ke 8. 5 Generation line.

There is more market share in the world

Foreign enterprises in the domestic investment to build factories, the Chinese panel industry is favorable. Glass substrate localization production, eliminating large transport costs, tariffs can reduce the price of products, and appropriately reduce the cost of domestic panel enterprises pressure.


This is conducive to improve the display panel of China's industrial supporting system, the global glass substrate industry structure will have a certain impact, as China will be the world's largest LCD panel, grasp the region's market, will also have more market share in the global market. But multinational glass giants in China's market to accelerate the layout, will also give China's domestic glass substrate enterprises to bring greater competition pressure.


China's display panel industry is the opportunity and challenge coexist, the existing industry scale continues to expand, the new display technology quantity production process is advancing steadily, the remarkable improvement of innovation ability, the management level of the panel leading enterprise continues to maintain high standard and so on, and faces the pressure of the rapid expansion of production capacity, resulting in structural excess, the end product demand growth slows down the product structure adjustment, the industrial chain maturity imbalance, upstream controlled by others development bottleneck and other unfavorable factors.