Our Nation Focuses On The LCD Panel

Our Nation Focuses On The LCD Panel

Mar 06, 2017

It's is a good thing that display industry develop well, but excessive investment, especially in the panel industry, has attracted national attention, and to remind the local government do not blindly, see the huge immediate and short-term interests, while ignoring the long-term interests, head, pouring, will cause huge losses to restore. At last year's DIC 2016 Beijing summit, Wang Weiwei, director of the electronic information division of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out the drawbacks of the development of the industry, and predicted that the future of the country will be adjusted in the policy.

The main problems on the development of display industry: first, industrial chain can be weak, upstream material 70% still rely heavily on imports, the country's future hope more material localization, will give some policy support. Second is the equipment, especially the key equipment is not the independent research and development, although there are some handling equipment can be self localization, but there are some key models and other equipment still need to import large quantities of key equipment problems will seriously restrict the development of China display industry. Third low value-added products, the mainland panel shipments accounted for 22% of the world, by 2018 will be further. But sales revenue accounted for only 3% of the world, which shows that our products are low value-added, high-end products in mainland China has not a strong voice, as many as ten investment entities, product homogeneity serious.

Based on the above reasons, the state calls for local governments and rational investment. At present, the development trend in the display industry, the local government investment enthusiasm high, such as the national China for manufacturing 2025 implemented thoroughly, found that the local government to declare local during the period of 13th Five-Year 14th Five-Year and the main industry, as many as 22 provinces will display industry as the main industry, want to borrow during the 13th Five-Year show the development of the industry the momentum boost local economic development, but the desire is good, and the relevant departments of the state is highly vigilant, the Ministry and the Ministry of finance will also note the local government leaders, hope to carefully choose the industry, to remind those who do not have the conditions in another way to find more suitable for the development of local industries, thus stimulating effect the local economy will be more obvious.

For this, the state began to display industry to carry out large-scale restructuring, strengthen overall planning in industrial policy, in planning the development of the information industry will be released in the new show as a direction to focus forward, focus on supporting the development of a new generation of display technology, and master the new OLED may become a complete process the new growth point of the technology, but also expand the application field of emerging downstream of the display, so from the three dimensions of the layout, rather than the low level repeated construction, development plan will be to plan of action in 2019 three years to develop process for the early release in 2017.

China manufacturing 2025 key areas of technology roadmap, will focus on supporting technical roadmap. Strengthen the industrial supporting capacity, supporting capacity is now two aspects, one is the support of the government, second are also actively promoting material enterprises, enterprises with the device equipment enterprises, enterprise development is indeed material during the whole development lags behind the industry, the development of ideas, and the ability to complete the technical reserves are the insufficient place, but a Chinese industry in such a large scale in the industry, if not some supporting capacity support, it is likely there will be some similar ZTE problems continue to occur, especially the downstream enterprises hope device enterprises such as the key attention. We believe that the next five years or even supporting capacity of the construction of the industry will become an important part of competition in the next ten years.

Policy support, the relevant departments of the state through the industrial transformation and upgrading to support the construction of industrial chain supporting capacity, such as upstream materials, equipment, some support. The construction of the Ministry of industry jointly development and Reform Commission to support key projects through special construction funds, and this is because the central government investment construction, encourage the industry gathering development of new display industry zone, not blossom everywhere throughout the country, to promote industrial development is very necessary. Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance on the import and export of goods duty-free policy, equipment value-added tax installment payment policy support.

Optimize the industrial layout, and guide social investment. Because of the decentralization of investment approval, the local industrial development enthusiasm, in optimizing the industrial layout, with the help of some countries such as leverage, capital and policy, actively guide social resources, such as financial institutions, investors can further accumulate, further accumulation in the choice of investment subject. At the same time, we also hope that the relevant associations, national associations, local industry associations to actively publish industry information to the community to promote the development of the industry situation, the impulse to curb blind investment, to prevent duplication. The National Association also promote, this is the focus of the next step, the display industry developed to such a large scale and, if there is no national will represent the industry set up enterprises and domestic and foreign exchanges, and will carry out the impact of a lot of things.