Panel Factories Scramble For Fingerprints

Panel Factories Scramble For Fingerprints

Feb 02, 2018

  As a major international factory, Samsung has been in the forefront of the research and development of new technology. Last year, it was rumored that it would use a screen fingerprint on the new machine, and this year, the patent for fingerprint technology under the related screen was finally introduced.


  Samsung screen fingerprint using optical fingerprint recognition principle, fingerprint recognition sensor emits a beam of light through the screen, meet the fingerprint reflected back after received by the sensors, sensor data back to the processing of the data, and then determine whether to unlock the mobile phone.


  The technology is suitable for AMOLED screen, while Samsung is the biggest supplier of AMOLED screen. The perfect match of technology and resources will largely promote the popularity of under screen fingerprint.



  On 2018 the most popular two models of S9 and Galaxy Note 9, S9 is reported that next month will release on February 25th, in this view, the application of the fingerprint models missed the screen, and Note 9 may be released in the second half of August or September, there is a message, according to the release time that Samsung in the new year Note9 will be expected to be used under the screen machine fingerprint technology. Although Samsung is a bit backward compared to vivo, we also hope that the next half of this year's fingerprints can achieve a more perfect application.


  At present, for Samsung's off screen fingerprints, we are not sure whether Samsung will package and sell the under screen fingerprint technology and AMOLED screen to enhance the right to speak in the supply chain. But if packaged and sold, for other mobile phone manufacturers, it will solve the demand of AMOLED screen and off screen fingerprint once and for all. There will be a large number of models that contain under screen fingerprint, which will further promote the popularity of under screen fingerprint.

  Good things come in pairs. After the Samsung release of fingerprints, the Japanese panel, JDI, also announced the progress of its fingerprints. It is reported that it has developed a new fingerprint recognition sensor, the size of the sensor is 8.0mm x 8.0mm, which is transparent design. Pixel Eyes technology can be applied to the capacitive touch sensor embedded into the LCD panel, so as to achieve the effect of under screen fingerprint.

  Unlike most of the OLED panel's under screen fingerprint recognition technology, JDI technology can be embedded into the current mainstream LCD panel, which makes the popularization of under screen fingerprint more smoothly.

  Previously, Duntai also claimed that in the conference on the screen under the fingerprint technology is also available in support of OLED panel also supports the LCD panel, but did not disclose the official commercial time, optimism is also expected in 2019 achieved initial success. JDI's fingerprints are expected to be commercially available for the fingerprint sensor within the fiscal year of 2018 (before March 2019).

  According to this time node, Samsung's under screen fingerprints will be commercially available in the second half of this year. Therefore, Samsung is expected to seize this year's development node of under screen fingerprint.

  Even Samsung's fingerprints can be commercially available this year, but it's a bit later than vivo.

In January 24th, vivo has officially released its new under screen fingerprint -- vivo X20 Plus screen fingerprint, which is basically the same as the appearance and configuration of vivo X20 Plus, and the biggest difference is the use of under screen fingerprint.

  The vivo X20 Plus screen fingerprint version uses a new fingerprinting scheme with a OLED screen. The official introduction of its principle is that the OLED screen RGB Pixel emit light, penetrating 0.68 mm thickness of the glass cover to fingers, fingers because of different lines lead to different reflections, the reflection of light to penetrate the screen, reach the fingerprint Sensor, so as to achieve fingerprint identification.

  Note that the mobile phone also supports WeChat and Alipay screen fingerprint payment. It will be sold on the whole line in February 1st.

  When other manufacturers are developing and testing, vivo has released the new under screen. At this stage, vivo has already seized the edge of the market. Besides, when other manufacturers are going to publish the new fingerprint on screen, it is not yet clear.

  In addition, for the SamSung that the public looks forward to, if Samsung really uses screen fingerprints this year, with Samsung's OLED screen resources, Samsung will undoubtedly receive orders from many manufacturers. But according to a Samsung insider, the possibility of Samsung's use of fingerprints on a new plane this year is not very likely. Thus, in 2018, vivo will continue to dominate, and the new thought of fingerprinting scheme under the screen will also be increasingly favored.

  Under the screen fingerprint technology has become a new hot spot in mobile phone industry, the current number of R & D under the screen fingerprint manufacturers, in addition to Samsung, JDI, Si, FPC, Qualcomm, huiding, Thailand, are related to the screen under the fingerprint results released, more like Si Li micro, Aegis, Levin, Engel and Beth fee active in the development of the technology.

  In the future, there will be more screen fingerprinting schemes, which will further drive the cost down, and accelerate the popularity of fingerprint technology. Next year, the fingerprint will really usher in the spring.