Profiled Overall Screen Is The Best Option For The Moment

Profiled Overall Screen Is The Best Option For The Moment

Mar 07, 2018

 Last year, the full screen tide set off the mobile phone design revolution, all kinds of so-called comprehensive screen plans contended, the mobile phone market is very busy. However, from the trend of entering the 2018, the contention of a hundred schools of contention will not exist.

 In fact, look at the recently launched or will launch a big brand mobile phone, "shaped screen" has become the unanimous choice of special-shaped screen mobile phone will usher in a large outbreak.

  In fact, not only HUAWEI, LG and other major domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers all use the "new shape screen" design exposure, it is said that even the past has resisted the "special shaped screen" millet is also unable to bear, to use millet 7 on the "special shaped screen" design.

  It is not difficult to see that "profiled screen" design has become the trend of the industry, so why do we have to choose the same "shaped screen"?

The best choice for the present

In a word, "profiled screen" is the best comprehensive screen solution for the moment.

In fact, in the supply chain, the professional name of "profiled screen" is called the Notch screen.

  At present, the lens providers can not make the lens of the screen, and the 3D scan is a multi lens coordination. The front face of the cell phone is so small that the screen is placed. The front camera and light sensor have no space to lay.

In addition, the placement of the front camera is a big problem. At the moment, the front - cameras in the middle and high - end mobile phones are all over 8M, or even 16M. The normal module size of the 8M AF camera is 8.5x8.5mm.

  Of course, it is possible to solve the problem of small full screen front space because of the large area of the receiver and the miniaturization of the receiver. The bone conduction technology used by SHARP before, and the piezoelectric ceramics used by millet all brought a good technical direction. Only at present, whether bone conduction or piezoelectric ceramics are not good enough in bass performance, and the high cost restricts its development.

   The placement of these components is a headache for mobile phone manufacturers. If we can't solve these problems, then the cell phone can't get a real comprehensive screen, or even if we barely do it, the manufacturing cost of mobile phone will be very high at the present level of technology. 

  Unless you make a screen shot, you can get rid of the "heteromorphism". But even so, this technology will also affect screen display, and it also needs to be redeveloped. Apple is also a program company that has acquired Israel to develop the program.

  In fact, no matter from which point of view, under the existing technical limitations, shaped screen is the best solution at full screen, this has been the consensus of the industry, ID corporation had written a titled "Apple" seamless "design journey" of the article, there is a saying my deep thought:

Apple is designed to pursue the combination of internal and external (Integrity) and the essence, not be outside interference and fashion, can always find the best result under certain conditions, and the next time will still do better, if due to technical constraints, had to compromise, and will work in just ways of compromise, not to hide, to prevent the cover up a combination of internal and external.

Such cases are really everywhere in the design of the past, such as the white band of iPhone 6, and the iPhone7's prominent camera. Though we could make the appearance of the tucking groove so ugly at the beginning, but we really want to come to it carefully, we will find that the leucorrhea is to ensure the signal, the prominent camera is to hold the camera of optical anti shake, which is actually the best solution at that time.

  The comprehensive experience of a new cell phone is always determined by appearance ID and technological progress. You can't give up technological progress for the appearance of ID, nor can you give up the appearance ID for technological progress.

So, the appearance of ID shaped screen and technical progress of the two together, the best solution to the under weigh.

The future of the battle of optimization

 The upstream of mobile phone manufacturers also have solutions providers and supply chain vendors. Before launching any component, these manufacturers will need to decide to produce special-shaped screens in large quantities after they face to face with the mobile phone manufacturers.

Because the production of a shaped screen is not just a hole, it requires a large amount of investment and technological change in the supply chain.

      1、The special-shaped screen changes the backlight greatly. The overall structure of the backlight and the various membrane materials in the interior need to match the corresponding slotting.

          2、Screen cutting needs to increase the corresponding cutting equipment, and the mainstream panel plant has increased its investment.

       3、The adoption of heteromorphic screens also put forward higher requirements for the compatibility of mobile phone hardware (including cameras, receiver, etc.) and software (operation system, etc.), and increased the optimization cost of mobile phone manufacturers.

  No enterprise will be a fool. As a consumer electronics product, HUAWEI and millet will sell thousands of flagship units every year. Any new technology should be evaluated repeatedly before going public. Since the enterprise has decided to push the comprehensive screen to the market, it must be through the internal strict inspection and market evaluation. The risk will be driven by a better comprehensive screen use experience for users.

  In other words, the profiled screen is actually the product of the common rational decision making by the apple - led mobile phone manufacturers, the home-made cell phone manufacturers and the supply chain manufacturers. The game and entanglement behind the market are invisible to most consumers in the market.

  Since the selection of "screen occupation ratio", it is necessary to accept the pursuit of the "screen to occupy" all the results. But now, the problem is how to make use of the space on both sides of the screen, and how to optimize the user's needs.

At least at present, there are some problems in the optimization of iPhone X, which are also a problem that Android manufacturers need to solve.

         1、Optimize the screen content layout, let the system and application make full use of the entire screen.

     For example, when watching video and playing games, "heteromorphism" covers some of the space. In fact, Google official is promoting Android P (Android 9), now the internal code is "Pistachio Ice Cream (Pistachio Ice Cream)". One of the tasks of the new system is to focus on optimizing the special shaped screen display. The core change of Android 9 system is also supporting the design of the special shaped screen like iPhoneX, which can better optimize the layout of screen content and make the system and application fully utilize the entire screen.

2、The screen space on both sides of a profiled screen is a notification bar, and perhaps more new interactions can be tried.

The application of the apple to the screen space on both sides of the special screen is not sufficient. Only to display the regular content of electricity, signals, and so on. But Android has natural openness. The menu functions in some applications can actually be hidden in the screen space on both sides of the "heteromorphic" space, so that the space utilization can be more coordinated. In addition, there are many application notification icons on Android mobile top bar notification bar. How to display these notices will test product manager's product philosophy.

According to the news of set micro network, China's five major mobile phone brands will end up to 3 quarters of the dark period of inventory adjustment. After next year, the new components are coming up, and the first wave of parts will be launched in March. Passive components, driving IC and Notch (laser arc groove) special-shaped cut glass are the 3 main components of supply and demand, but supply chain manufacturers are working overtime.

Whether you like it or not, 2018 will be the world of heteromorphic screen, but the different form of screen experience will lead to a higher level of experience because of different understanding of products.

Since 2014, the standards of mobile phone industry are becoming more and more similar. The homogenization of products is very serious. However, the arrival of such new things as irregular screens will make the past a hundred schools of thought contend again, which will compete with every technology and product innovation capability.